Handicap Cup Fixtures

These fixtures must be completed by the end of Week 6 or both teams will forfeit. Table availability will be shown on the notice board at St Augustine's.

Preliminary Round

No.     Home Team     Score     Away Team     Score
1Astra AWonAshton MC D
2Fulwood MC571Croston B573
3Riverside ERiverside AWon
4Garstang A418Jacobeaus B378
5Astra C379Deepdale B421
6Croston AKirkham BWon
7Riverside BWonAshton MC E


Round 1 WC 7th November 2016 (Week 11)

No.     Home Team     Score     Away Team     Score
8Astra A396Garstang B390
9Croston B328Riverside C473
10Riverside A401URCL391
11Garstang A417Gryf C466
12Deepdale B412Riverside F360
13Kirkham BChorleyWon (w/o)
14Riverside B390Astra B447
15Jacobaeus A377KIrkham A355
16Astra E449Astra D475
17Deepdale C402Gryf A454
18Riverside D218Deepdale A384
19Ashton MC A468Gryf B474
20UCLAN550Ashton MC C544
21Jacobaeus C596Ashton MC B514
22Astra F599BAE B569
23CohebeBAE AWon (w/o)

Handicap Cup 2nd Round

No.Home Team         Score         Away Team         Score
24Astra A395Riverside C376
25Riverside A406Gryf C392
26Deepdale B417Chorley440
27Astra B365Jacobaeus A436
28Astra DGryf AWinners by W/O
29Deepdale A428Gryf B340
30UCLAN584Jacobaeus C635
31Astra F404BAE A402


Handicap Cup Quarter Finals

No.Home Team     Score     Away Team     Score
32Astra ARiverside AWinners
33Chorley347Jacobaeus A432
34Gryf A353Deepdale A381
35Jacobaeus CAstra FWinners


Handicap Cup Semi Finals

No.   Home Team   Score   Away Team   Score
36Riverside A392Jacobaeus A412
37Deepdale A432Astra F384


Handicap Cup Final - Potential date to be confirmed Wednesday 26th April 2017

No.   Team 1   Score   Team 2   Score
38Jacobaeus ADeepdale A

The home team will be decided by a toss of a coin on the night.


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