Team and Player Fees August 2014 / July 2015

L.T.T.A. Annual Affiliation Fee
£12.00 per team (subject to L.T.T.A. amendments).

P.T.T.A Player Registration
 Senior £20.00, Junior £10.00

T.T.E.  Local League Player Licence Annual Fee.
 Senior £10.00, Junior £5.00 (subject to T.T.E. amendments).

Individual Divisional Cup Competitions (held in February)

Preston Closed Championships (held first Sunday in March)

Costs as advertised on the bulletin (and entry form) advertising the event.

Extra individual medals/trophies for presentation on the evening of the Annual General Meeting

  £6.00, per trophy.

St. Augustine’s Centre Fees

Hire of court for home match night (league or cup fixture)

£15.00 per court

Hire of a court for practice session 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

(subject to availability and advance booking)

      £10.00 per session

Any fees incurred must be paid in line with the treasurer’s request at the time of issue.

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