Smash 28 v 9 Heinz

It was another fun night @ The Tin Can Stadium ... but since the American company Kraft had taken over Heinz they had changed some local procedures ... the magic bean pool was now off limits to the ping-pongers. The injured Dave Bennett was much in need of its rejuvenating effects, but denied access he couldn’t play ... the Heinz team was Gentleman Jimmy Brookes, Allan ‘Removal Man’ Pickford and Sandra ‘Mossy’ Moss.


Gentleman Jimmy took on Pimps Out Taylor in the first ... at two nil to Pimps Jimmy then knocked everything past Pimps to win 11-2 ... what a turn-around ... only for Pimps to beat Jimmy 11-2 in the next ... as my old mate Jimmy Greaves used to say “it’s a funny old game”.


The next two matches followed a similar format ... Scamperer and Dazla both won 3-1 ... so when Pimps Out beat Mossy in three straights in the fourth match of the night the Smashers were on a roll.  Jimmy stymied the Smashers by claiming a victory for Heinz, beating Dazla 3-1 ... which included another 11-2 set where Jimmy was unplayable.


Smash resumed winning ways in the doubles and carried this on right down the card.  There was notable resistance from Mossy in a great encounter with Dazla ... a pendulous five sets with the Smash boy winning 3-2.  Smash won 28-9 and once again Pimps Out was man of the match, his eighth of the season.


As beer and pork scratchings were served up at the post-match get together Allan Pickford regaled us with a story ... of a time when Ian ‘Pimps Out’ Taylor had played for Heinz and had given Allan the gift of one of his own band’s CDs.  The CD was Ian’s creative pride and joy.


It was a Heavy Metal CD ... in the specific genre of ‘Screamo’ ... which is a sub-genre of ‘Emo’ ... to everyone’s surprise Allan admitted to listening to it and then putting it straight into the bin ... yes, I was there when the saintly Allan Pickford crushed the musical spirit of Ian Taylor.

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