Southport Paraplegics 3 v 7 Rainford Synergy

Going into this match there was an element of entering unknown territory, only Paul Andrews had played against wheelchair opponents before.

We had been advised to stick to our game and not to go easy on anyone and how right that was. On the night we faced two paraplegic players and two able bodied players.  Stalwart Ged Sephton was up first and brought the first points home so we were off to a good start against their Number 1.

As first timers against wheelchair players we had real difficulties against their skill and style.  With the all the singles matches played Synergy were up 6-2 and so couldn’t lose on the night, with two doubles matches still to play.

There was an interesting twist on the match though.  They introduced an able-bodied player with a wheelchair partner ... that really does twist your head round in the heat of battle ... for the uninitiated that means the alternative shot principle doesn’t apply ... either player can play the shot.


You think you have played a winning shot by playing back straight and true to a player that has just hit the shot ... point over ... but guard down it comes back so our next player has to react super quick to this live ball coming back. Very confusing!

Synergy managed to win one of the doubles and add another point to the score line so the final score was 7-3 to Synergy.  Very well done to the team on the night.  This game marks the half way point of the season ... Rainford Synergy top the table ... the Christmas break gives us time to plan for the second half of the season ... but what a a fantastic, brilliant first half to the season ... well done everyone.

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