Southport League

We have 7 teams in Wigan League but this season is our first foray into the Southport League ... our team in the Southport League is called Rainford Synergy and plays in Division 3.


Captain Paul Melling, Andrew Melding, Jim Mulvaney and Paul Andrews represented Rainford TTC on Wednesday night (yes they have 4 players per team in the Southport League, not normal around these parts but that’s how they roll in Southport).


So how did their first match go?


Their inaugural game was against the newly formed Carlton A ... and Rainford Synergy not only won but they did it in style ... taking the game 9-1 (they count only the games won, that’s how they roll in Southport).


And guess what?


By winning their first game of the season 9-1 they are now top of the table ... it’s only September so the engraver hasn’t yet started on the trophy ... but what a great start ... well done guys.


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