Rainford Synergy v Princess Street

Nervous excitement built as the warm up began.  The top two teams facing each other.  The crowd took their seats (well, Pat and Paul).


The away team nominated 3 v 4 in an attempt to get a toe hold in the match. Ian in to bat. The match ebbed and flowed till lan made the final pass and won 3/2. Great start, one nil up.


Do unto others as they do you. The reverse call was our 3 v 4. Ball Boy Barron in to bat. Game over 3/0 quick time. Nerves settled and the crowd singing. Our 1 v 2 was the call from the away captain. Another attempt to get a toe hold in the match. Nick limbered up with a physc-out warm-up with Cappy. Nick rattling trademark top spin forehand’s stinging over the net. Peter (their no1) pretending not to look- but we knew he was. Physc out complete game underway. Peter was beat before he started. 3/0 to Nick in the game and 3/0 to Synergy on the night.


Reverse match, our 1 v 2 to try and hammer the advantage home. It worked 4/0 to Synergy. The crowd packed up and went home as they knew the match was gonna be won - they obviously hadn’t seen the Everton v Newcastle match the night before!  


Princes St were shell shocked. They tried a doubles match and lost. We called a doubles match and won that. 6/0 match won. Could we totally rout them?  Ian and Nick continued the winning run.  8/0. Cappy Melling versus Peter 1 v 1. Cappy  went 2/0 up. But we’ve been here before in the reverse fixture when Cappy lost 3/2 despite being 2/0 up. This was weighing heavily on Cappy’s mind.  Third game lost - oh no history repeats?  No drama Cappy won the next set.  Score now  9/0 ... Dreamland!


Last up Ball Boy Barron. The beer was ordered and delivered by Sue. “We’ll pay when we get around other side” was the offer of payment. 

The last match started. 1/0 to BBB. Now at this point there started a serious conversation as to who was going to pay for the beer. I suggested Nick as his normally long arms become surprisingly short when he tries to reach the bottom of his pocket to pay. “I think you should pay Cappy as a thanks for a 10/0 win” says Nick. Cheeky bugger thinks Cappy. “ l tell you what” says  Cappy “If we win 10/0 the beers on me”. The bet was on.


BBB lost the next two sets. Bitter sweet for Cappy this. Nick squirming in his seat at the thought of having to buy the first round. 2/2 after fourth set. Who’s gonna pay for the ale?


BBB came to the sidelines seeking advice. Nick gave him some “If you loose your pants are coming down”. BBB retied the string in his shorts for what was to come. After a great scrap BBB lost it 10/12. BBB grabbed his shorts in the knowledge of what was to come - he won that battle of the shorts but who do you think paid for the ?????????.......

ANSWER: Nick stayed for a second ??......


A great result well done team. We sit 9 points clear at the top of the Division.


Written by Paul Melling (AKA Cappy)

Author: via Rainford Table Tennis Club
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