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Handbook 2017-18 Season



This season’s League Annual Championships will be held on

Sunday 18th March 2018

The 2018 Annual General Meeting will be held on

Tuesday 26th June 2018


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Please note fixtures for 2017 season and results for 2016 season are available on other pages of the website.


OFFICERS 2017-2018


J.N. Wardle


P.J. Keepen


D.Bamforth, F.G. Goodhind




I. McGregor




D.E. Bamforth


F.G. Goodhind



C. Pullinger


P. Newton


D.E. Bamforth, P.Buckell, M.Skitt  J.N. Wardle,


D.E. Bamforth, P.Buckell, M.Skitt  J.N. Wardle,



F.G. Goodhind





M. Skitt, R. Hutchins, J.N. Wardle






C Pullinger













1.         The name of the League shall be "Reigate, Redhill and District Table Tennis League".


2.         The object of the League shall be to further the interests of competitive table tennis and to encourage the game generally.




3.         (a)        Affiliation to the League, subject to election, shall be open to all table tennis clubs within such distance of Reigate and Redhill as the Executive Committee may decide.


(b)        All Clubs affiliated to the League are also affiliated to Table Tennis England and Surrey Table Tennis Association


4.         The Annual affiliation fee for Clubs entering teams in the League competition shall be £20.00 per team League fees plus S.T.T.A. affiliation fee (£17.00 for 2016/17).  For a Club with no teams entered in the League competition the Annual affiliation fee shall be £5.00.


5.         (a) Each affiliated club shall deliver to the General Secretary, not later than 31st July, an application form duly completed stating the number of teams to be entered for the ensuing season, together with other details requested on the form and the annual affiliation fee.


(b) New clubs seeking election to the League shall deliver to the General Secretary an application form at the time and in the manner specified in Rule 5(a).  Election shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


(c) The Executive Committee shall have power to consider application forms submitted after 31st July on the payment of a late application fee of an additional £10.00 per club.  Such fee may be refunded at the discretion of the Executive Committee.




6.         (a) An Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than 30th June to receive the report of the Executive Committee, to receive the audited statement of accounts for the financial year ending 31st May, to elect the Officers and up to 7 Committee Members, to appoint an Auditor and to transact any other business.


(b) A Special General Meeting may be convened by the Executive Committee at any time or shall be so convened on receipt of a request signed by not less than 20 persons entitled to vote.                                                                                                                                                                                                       (c) Notice of General Meetings shall be sent to the secretaries of all member clubs:

i. In the case of the Annual General meeting, at least 21 days before the date fixed for such meeting.

ii. In the case of a Special General Meeting, at least 7 days before the date fixed for such



(d) Any such Meeting shall be open to Officers of the League, Members of affiliated clubs and invited representatives of new clubs.  Each affiliated club shall be represented.  Voting shall be on the basis of one vote per officer or registered player present, the Chairman having an additional or casting vote.  A quorum shall consist of 10 persons entitled to vote.


(e) Any proposed alterations to rules shall be sent in writing to reach the General Secretary not less than 14 days before the Annual General Meeting.  The General Secretary must give notice thereof to the secretaries of all member clubs not less than 7 days before such meeting.




7.         (a) The Honorary officers of the League shall be President, Life Vice-Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, Treasurer and Match Secretaries.  All Officers, except Life Vice-Presidents, shall retire at the Annual General Meeting and shall be eligible for re-election.


(b) The affairs of the League shall be administered by an Executive Committee consisting of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretaries and the members elected at the Annual General Meeting.


(c) The Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer and one elected member of the Executive Committee shall form a Standing Committee which shall make decisions upon matters which cannot await the next meeting of the Executive Committee.


(d) The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill casual vacancies and to add to its number.


8.         (a) The Executive Committee shall meet not less than five times during its term of office and a quorum at any such meeting shall be 4 members.


(b) The Executive Committee may delegate any of its duties to a sub-committee, the Chairman of which shall be a member of the Executive Committee who shall be responsible for interpreting its directives and report back.

(c) The Executive Committee shall have the power to decide on the             interpretation of the rules and any matter not specifically provided for           therein.  Any affiliated club or registered player concerned in any dispute             or breach of rules shall be entitled to be heard at a meeting of the Executive Committee.  Any decision shall be binding on such club or          registered player, subject to the right of appeal to a Special General Meeting.


(d) At any meeting of the Executive Committee voting shall be on the basis of one vote per member present, the Chairman having an additional or casting vote.




9.         (a) For the purpose of conducting a League competition between affiliated clubs there shall be divisions consisting of not more than 14 teams. There shall be a Premier Division and other divisions as the Executive Committee consider appropriate.


(b) Subject to the discretion of the Executive Committee, at the end of any season the top team in each Division other than the highest Division shall be promoted to the next higher Division and the bottom team in each Division other than the lowest shall be relegated to the next lower Division.


(c) In the event of a tie between two or more teams on numbers of sets won, where championship, promotion or relegation is involved, League positions shall be decided by

            i.          Set difference or, if still tied,

            ii.         Number of matches won or, if still tied,

            iii.        Number of matches drawn or, if still tied,

           iv.    Number of sets won in matches between the teams concerned or, if still tied,

        v.        A play-off between the teams concerned arranged by the Match Secretary.


(e) The players of the winning team in each division shall be given individual awards.


(f) Should any team withdraw from the League before fulfilling its fixtures its records shall be deleted from the League table and the records of other clubs in the same division shall be adjusted.


10.       (a) Except as provided in class (b) of this rule, all matches shall be played in accordance with the fixture list printed in the handbook, unless the clubs concerned mutually agree to play a match before the end of the week shown in the Fixture Chart on the RRDTTL website.

            (b) Postponement of matches will not normally be permitted.  If in exceptional circumstances a postponement is required it will only be considered if the following conditions are complied with in the order stated:

i.          The secretaries of both teams concerned must request a postponement and both secretaries must notify the Match Secretary of the circumstances.

ii.         The permission of the Match Secretary must be obtained.

iii.        The Match Secretary shall decide whether or not postponement should be permitted, dealing with each application on its merits.

iv.        A new date for the match must be agreed by the two teams, and it must be within a reasonable period (as defined by the Executive Committee. The Match Secretary must be notified of the amended fixture date by both team secretaries.

v.         Notwithstanding the previous provisions of this sub-clause, the Match Secretary shall have the overriding authority in all matters concerning postponements.


(c) In the event of:

i.                    the permission of the Match Secretary not being obtained, or

ii.                  a new date for the match not being agreed, or

iii.                the match not taking place on the agreed new date,

then the defaulting team or teams shall forfeit all their points for the match. The defaulting team shall include the team or teams unable to play on the original fixture date, and their opponents if they did not make reasonable efforts to agree a new date and fulfil the fixture. The non-defaulting team or teams shall be awarded sets based upon their average number of sets won per match, subject to the Executive Committee’s discretion; such average being calculated only when at least 50% of the season’s matches have been completed.


(d) No team shall concede a match.


(e) Any breach of the previous provisions of this rule shall incur a fine in accordance with Rule 17.




11.       (a) Each League team shall consist of 3 players.  There shall be a captain who need not be one of the players.

(b) Prior to the commencement of a match the team captains shall exchange scorecards showing their respective orders of play and such score cards shall be duly completed. A copy of the home team’s score card shall be emailed to the Match Secretary within 24 hours of the match being played. Both teams shall retain their score cards for production if required.

(c) Unless otherwise agreed between the teams concerned, matches must commence at 7.45pm. If at

 least two players of one team and one player of the other team are present, play shall begin.


If two players of a team are present, the other player must be present by 8.15pm or by the conclusion

 of the second set, if later.


A breach of this rule may involve the sets of any player not present at the specified time being

awarded by the Executive Committee to the opposing team.


If only two players of each team play in a match, the odd set shall be void.

In the event of only 1 player from a team attending  and playing all their matches, these results shall stand and the balance of the sets shall be awarded to the opposing team.

Alternatively, upon the agreement of both team captains within 7 days, the match shall be declared void and treated as a postponement, following rule 10b.



(d) A fine will be imposed where:

i.          a team does not attend at all;

ii.         a team does not attend by the time stated in the preceding rule;

iii.        only one player of a team attends;

iv.        a score card is not sent or delivered as required by Rule 11(b).


(e) Each player shall play all three opponents and two players of each team shall play a doubles.


(g) Unless otherwise mutually arranged, the order of play shall be:

1v1      2v2      3v3      2v1      1v3

3v2      2v3      3v1      1v2      and doubles


(h) Umpiring should generally be undertaken alternately by members of each team and in the event of an objection to an umpire another shall be agreed by the two captains.


(i)  All matches shall be played with a ball currently approved by Table Tennis England


(j)  Every match shall be played to a finish and each team will be awarded 1 point for each set it wins.


(k) Playing conditions shall conform as closely as possible to those  recommended for clubs by  Table Tennis England.  Any complaint about playing conditions shall be investigated and dealt with by the Executive Committee.




12.       (a) Only players registered with the League shall be allowed to play in League matches and the Executive Committee shall have power to accept or reject any registration.


(b) No player shall be registered with the League or shall play for any Club in the League unless such player is Individually Registered with Table Tennis England.


(c) Each player shall ensure that their Table Tennis England (TTE) registration, or player licence, for the year beginning the 1st August has been effected, including payment. The player must provide their club secretary with proof of payment as well as their unique TTE registration number.


(d) A player must be registered for at least 7 days before he is permitted to play in a League or Cup match.           


(e) Any player having played for teams senior to that for which he is registered on a total of more than four occasions shall not be allowed thereafter to play for his original team, but shall become a registered player of the next higher team for which he is eligible.  No player shall play for a team lower than that for which he is registered, except as hereinafter provided.


(f)  Applications for registration received after 31st January in any season will not be accepted unless authorised by the Executive Committee or Standing Committee.


(g) A player may be transferred to a team lower than that for which he is registered only on written application to the Match Secretary.  Subject to approval of the transfer by the Executive Committee or Standing Committee, the player shall be eligible to play for his new team after the expiration of 7 days from the receipt of his application or the date when he last played for the higher team, whichever is the later.  Such player shall not thereafter be permitted to play for any higher team for the remainder of the season.


(h) No player shall be registered for more than one club.  A player may however make written application to the Match Secretary to change his club.  If there is no objection from his present club and the Executive Committee or Standing Committee approve, the transfer shall be permitted.  Such player may not play for his new club until notified that the transfer has been approved.  A player shall be allowed only one transfer, which must be effected before the 31st December in any one season.


(i) A team playing an unregistered player or ineligible player shall be fined.




13.       (a) The Executive Committee shall arrange individual championships annually.


(b) Subject to the discretion of the Executive Committee, they shall be open only to registered players who have played in at least five League or Cup matches or played in at least 50% of possible League or Cup matches in the current season, whichever is the lesser, by the closing date for entries to the Championships.


(c) For the purpose of defining eligibility:

i.          a Cadet must be under the age of 15;

ii.         a Junior must be under the age of 18;

iii.        A Veteran must be over the age of 40; and

iv.        an Over-50 must be over the age of 50 on the 31st December immediately preceding the date of the championships.


(d) Prizes shall be awarded.




14.       (a) The Executive Committee shall arrange these competitions annually.


(b) Both competitions are open to teams from all divisions.


(c) Entrance shall be free for each team for each competition.


(d) The format of both competitions shall be decided by the Executive Committee


(e) Handicapping for the Carter Handicap Trophy competition shall be carried out under the direction

 of the Executive Committee.




15.       (a) Registered players only shall be allowed to participate and they shall play only for the club for which they are registered.  A player shall be permitted to play for only one team in each of these competitions, except as noted in Rule 15(b) below, but need not play for the same team in both competitions.

            (b) A team that would otherwise be unable to field three players from their nominated team and reserves may field a substitute from a lower ranked team of the same club on just one occasion during the Carter Handicap Trophy but may incur an additional handicap penalty.

            (c) Teams for the Carter Handicap Trophy shall consist of three players.  Only players who have   played a minimum of five League matches since the start of the previous season shall be eligible for the Carter Handicap Trophy or for the E.N. Pay Cup.


(d) Teams and reserves for the Carter Handicap Trophy competition shall be nominated.  After the handicaps have been allocated any fresh nomination shall incur an additional handicapping penalty.


(e) Any team playing an ineligible player shall be fined.


16.       (a) All matches shall be played to a finish.


(b) Scorecards shall be completed as specified by the Executive Committee


(c) The winning teams shall be given individual awards.





17.       (a) Any affiliated club found guilty of a breach of rules shall be liable to a fine not exceeding £10.00 for each offence and/or forfeiture of sets or points as determined by the Executive Committee.


(b) Any affiliated club not represented at the Annual General Meeting shall be fined £10.00.


(c) Fines levied on clubs shall be paid to the Treasurer within 28 days of notification.


(d) The Executive Committee shall have power to suspend or expel any team or club.



                                         LIST  OF  CLUBS




Club Headquarters:     Tennis Pavilion, Godstone Green, Godstone, Surrey, RH9 8DY.

Directions: To the south of Godstone Green, behind tennis courts.




Club Headquarters:     Redhill Methodist Church, Gloucester Road, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1BP.                         (Tel: 01737 771323 )

Directions: Turn into Gloucester Road from Memorial Park Roundabout (Lombard) on A23.  Church 100 yds on left.




Club Headquarters:     Reigate School, Pendleton Road, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 7NT.

Directions: The club plays in the school gymnasium which can be found by walking around the left hand side of the main school building, going through the first gate and turning right towards the building before the second gate. The entrance to the gymnasium is up the steps and on the left before the main door.




Club Headquarters:     St. Philips Hall, Nutley, Lane, Reigate, RH2 9HA.




Club Headquarters:     Penwortham Road, Sanderstead, Surrey, CR2 0QS.

                                    (Tel: 020 8660 2130)

Directions: From A235 between Purley and Croydon, turn right at Royal Oaks Roundabout (just before Croydon Advertiser building) towards Sanderstead.  Then take first left (Purley Downs Road) followed by second left (Penwortham Road).  Club is 200m on left



Club Headquarters:    Woodmansterne Sports Club

Woodmansterne Street

Woodmansterne SM7 3NL

Directions: Approx. 100 yards west of the Woodman Public house in      Woodmansterne village. It has its own large car park.





Club Headquarters:     YMCA Sovereign Centre, Slipshatch Road, Reigate, RH2 8HA





Reigate Roystons Table Tennis Club is open for play each Monday evening of the year except for Bank Holidays.

All players are welcome to come along, pay a small fee and enjoy social table tennis or serious practice against a range of League players – all standards are catered for.

The Junior session runs from 5.00 pm until 7.00 pm when it becomes an open session for all until 9.00


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