Rhyl Table Tennis Club Derby Match

On Tuesday night it was Derby Night with our C Team playing host to our B Team. Both Teams have been improving over the last few games so it was tee'd up to be a Division 2 classic 'Derby Night' atmosphere.

Ahead of the match we spoke to both Captains for them to comment ahead of the match.  C Team Captain Christine Davies said, "We've been looking forward to this Derby game since the fixture list was put together". Our B Team Captain Dave Foster commented, "We've been improving over recent matches but still looking for our first win, we've been keeping an eye on the progress being made of our C Team and feel we have our game plan just right".


The match itself was played in good spirits with no crowd trouble on or off the table.


The opening game was a close affair with Pat Peak (C Team) taking John Hughes (B Team) to a 5 set game with John coming out on top 8/11 to take a 2-3 win and first blood to the B Team. The B Team continued to dominate the match taking the 2nd and 3rd games. Kevin Peavoy (B Team) taking the 4th game to give the B Team a 0-4 advantage ahead of the Doubles match. John Hughes and B Team Captain Dave Foster stepped up to take on Gill Godfrey and C Team Captain, Christine Davies. Barrie Russ stepped in to umpire this one. With his watchful eye on the rules for doubles play the C Team were penalised on a couple of occasions for serving errors whilst the B Team were looking for Hawk Eye Ruling on a line call penalty from Umpire Barrie Russ. The B Team came out on top winning 0-3 games to take the points.


The 2nd half of games saw the two Captains go head to head and B Team Captain showing little mercy for his co member by only allowing her 12 points across the 3 games to give the B Team another valuable win on the night.


The B Team went on to win the rest of the games and came out on the night with a 0-10 points score with the B Team Captain commenting afterwards, "I'm proud of John and Kevin tonight, that win has been coming for weeks and hopefully now we can kick on in the Division for more wins". The C Team Captain was unavailable for comment and is still looking for a match ball which went missing at one point!!


Great night for our Club.


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