The individual statistics for each player within each team and/or the team as a whole can be viewed by clicking on the name of the player or Team below. These figures represent the 2017/18 season are are taken from the Llandudno League 365 website. A snapshot of the League Players within the Club overall can be seen by clicking on Club Overall below.


Player Averages at club level overall  2017/18 Season

Player Averages at club level overall 2016/17 Season

Results at team and player levels below.

A Team

Barrie Russ (Capt)

Alan Simkiss

Ged Haresnape

B Team

Norman Stagg

Dave Foster (Capt)

John Hughes

Andy Chambers

C Team

Pat Peak

Christine Davies

Gill Godfrey (Capt)

Marcus Jones

Player of Match Awards 2017/18 Season

2016/17 Season Player Averages



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