Romford Table Tennis League AGM 2017


The Romford AGM was held Wednesday 14th June at Cranston Park Tennis Club, lots of subjects covered and a few rule changes voted on as follows:

1. 1 Vote per team rather than 1 Vote per club was passed on proviso the votes are only valid if a member of team are present at the meeting.

2. Romford team fees, vote passed to simplify fee to a one off fee that covers the team to play in the league, all cups and all players registered that meet tournament rules can play free of charge. Est £35, final figure once number of teams known.

3. Playing up rule current players can play up twice, vote passed to allow 4 times, but if a team feel the rule has been abused by playing up higher standard players just to strengthen team, committee will review and can expunge games won by that player. - Rule will be published prior to start of 2017/18 season.

4. League Cups format reviewed and the order of play changed to 3 Doubles, 3 Singles, 3 Doubles

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