Divisional Cups UPDATE

Division 1 Cup Final between HWM 1 and Maylands 2, a very tight start with both sides taking 2 sets each before HWM won next 3 sets winning match 5-2, although final 2 were close and won in 5th game.

Division 2 Cup Final between Mossford 2 and Questors 3, and with only 6 points separating them in the league should have been a very close match.

The 6 doubles and 3 singles seemed to favor Mossford 2 who run out 5-0 winners with most games going close.

Division 3 Cup Final between Trinity 3 and Maylands 10 - On paper Trinity were the far superior team gaining promotion to Div 2 and came through 6-3 winners.

NE Cup Final between Cranston (116) and Mossford 2 (160). Lots of contraversy with Abdullah failing to appear on the night and Lee stepping inon the night. Match was very close at 381-390 with 2 to play, but Mossford proved the stronger holding their lead eventually winning 446-463

Congratulations to the winners.

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