Rotherham Advertiser Report Week Fifteen

Scorpions B gained two valuable points in their bottom of the Division One match with Clifton A this week. Both teams had 4 points before the match, languishing just above the bottom team. Scorpions turned out Mark Johnson, still recovering from a broken playing arm, scoring a maximum over Tony Linggard, Terry Curran and Russ Drayton. Joe Saxton beat Drayton easily in three games, lost easily to
Linggard and had a five game battle with veteran Curran which he just managed to sneak out the winner 11-7 in the decider. Neil Rigden helped out Scorpions with one win to secure the victory.  

In Division Two Masons E gave Scorpions D a whitewashing. Dave Asher, Steve Wilson and John Bradshaw turned out for Masons whilst Andy Saxton, Edmund Lau and Gary Cooper were on the receiving end of the drubbing. Saxton came closest to spoiling the clean sweep when he battled valiantly with Bradshaw only to lose 17-15 in the deciding game! Quite a surprising result overall as the teams sit in adjacent positions in their division so a closer contest would have been expected.

At the bottom of the division Clifton D are still trying to get their first point of the season. They could not have come closer this week against Phoenix D. Trevor Bland, Pete Horsfield and Geoff Sanderson got to 4-4 with two to play. Then Sanderson took on John Hallgarth and, after a close contest, he lost in the fourth game 11-7. That left it up to Trevor Bland to win the last match to get that elusive point. Two games all, with all four going to 11-9. Last game of the night and it was in Bland’s hands to win and take the prize but he fell at the last hurdle and lost 11-7 to an unforgiving Trevor Robinson. Dave Engledow was the third player for Phoenix.

Meanwhile Phoenix C met Stag A with Stuart Element notching up another maximum with support from Mohammed Arshid and Alan Joyce both scoring braces. The only resistance coming from Robert Eyre who managed to defeat the latter two opponents.

In the lower tier Scorpions J also came their closest to getting that first point of the season when they lost 6-4 to their fellow team mates Scorpions K. Alex Selway scored a maximum three wins for the K team to give his team the win with support from his dad Stephen and Daniel Schofield. However the highlights of the evening were the first wins of the season for 9 year old Sam Wagstaff winning his first in 32 and 9 year old Amy Marriott her first in 28. Also 11 year old Lucie Smith came up with two wins on this occasion.

Following on from the report of the Sheffield Closed Tournament last week, the list of victors from Rotherham has an addition. Nine year old Adam Szabo from Rotherham Scorpions J.T.T.C. became the Sheffield Under 12 Champion 2015.

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