Rotherham Advertiser 15th January

In the League this week, Clifton B maintained their challenge for the Division Two title with two  emphatic 10-0 wins over Scorpions C and L.S.M. B. Regulars Terry Curran, Jim Pugh and Gary Sides represented Clifton at home in the first of these, whilst Dennis E. Green, Glyn Ward and Phil Richardson were the visiting trio. Given the score line it really needs no great detail, seven of the ten sets were over in three straight games, Dennis Green putting up the most resistance taking two of his to the fourth game and Ward only just losing 12-10 in the deciding fifth game against Pugh. In the other match L.S.M. could only field two players so would always struggle. That makes it 13 wins from 14 for Clifton but they are by no means on their way to the division title as Scorpions F have got exactly the same record.


Also in Division Two Scorpions E met Stag A. Father and son Andrew and Joe Saxton along with Jess Truman were at home to Stag B who only had Pete and Rob Eyre, another father and son combination. So that meant Stag were 3-0 down before they even started! Not to be deterred, Pete beat Andy whilst Rob defeated Jess Truman. The Eyres both won their next two to move ahead at 4-3. Doubles too meaning they had gained a point despite being a player short. Joe Saxton stopped the slide to defeat for a moment when he beat Pete Eyre in five close games but the last match between Rob and Andy went to the Stag giving them a win.


In the third division, the lowest one in the Rotherham Table Tennis League, Scorpions H turned out Aaran Radford, Josh Drake and Jack Robinson against their K team consisting of Alex Selway, Ray Jackson and Dan Schofield. Radford got the ball rolling with a close win over Selway, to finally break his duck in their league meetings. Jackson pinched the next one from Drake in a deuce decider in the fifth. But then all three of the home team won to give them a 4-1 lead. The K team hit back with Jackson defeating Robinson and also the doubles. 4-3 to the H team. Drake beat Schofield to secure the first point. Robinson lost to Selway in four games to give the K team a chance of drawing the match. Last on, Radford and Jackson both having won their two matches so far. Jackson won the first but Radford proved too strong as he hit back and took it in four to get the win for his team. 


In Division One L.S.M. A thought that they were going to be in for a hard night as they went 2-0 down to Clifton A. Mick Foster, on first against Mark Seddon, lost 13-15 in the fourth followed immediately by James Houghton losing a rare set, this time to Jack Christian. Mick Brooks was on third versus Russ Drayton and he steadied the ship with a simple win. Houghton won his second and so did Foster and Brooks. Suddenly 4-2 to LSM. Doubles also to take the first point. 5-2 as Houghton beat Drayton. Foster made the match secure and then Mick Brooks finished it off beating Christian for his hat-trick. Brooks has not been on form for quite a while so no doubt this maximum would have given him the fillip he needed.


Also in the top flight Scorpions A met their club mates Scorpions B at Clifton Methodist Church Hall. This is one of the best venues in the League, a well lit, large church hall, a rare treat in a sport where good venues at a reasonable cost are hard to find. Jamie Hudd, Alan Battye and Harry Saxton saw off Liam Carson, Vince Loh and Edmund Lau 9-1 with another easy victory, their 31st in a row leaving them five points clear at the top of the League.

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