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In the second round of the cup this week three junior players from Scorpions H in Division Three came up against the experience of Division One’s Clifton A. For Scorpions was Aaran Radford, Josh Drake and Jack Robinson, whilst Clifton had a team of Russ Drayton, Matt Bacon and Tony Linggard. With the handicap system of the cup in operation Clifton would have to try and claw back well over 200 points. Radford managed to win an excellent game against Drayton losing only 2 points overall. Bacon pulled a massive 29 points back in his first against Drake and Linggard managed another 19. Three more went comfortably Clifton’s way as would be expected but would it be enough? With one left to play ech Scorpions still had over 100 points left to recoup. Linggard only managed 10 and things were going Scorpions way but Drayton hit back really strongly and gained another 32. Last match and Bacon needed a massive points swing in his favour. He would have to win all four games almost to zero. Little chance of that against the in form Radford. Match to Scorpions by 38 points. 


Another Division Three versus Division One clash saw Scorpions A meet Scorpions L. Despite an amazing fight by the young Scorpions players they could just not quite manage it. Josh Wilkes had a superb evening taking a game off Jamie Hudd and Amie Marriott doing the same to Alan Battye in the final match as the L team went down by just 2 points.


Another Division One side, Swallownest MW consisting of Jimmy Jeickles, Steve Needham and Anthony Parkin turned out against Phil Richardson,       of Scorpions. A massive battle took place over the evening with Swallownest fighting back over 60 points to win by just one point. Unfortunately they had fielded an ineligible player, Parkin who had only played once for Swallownest this season the requirement being three times, and so the match was overturned and awarded to Scorpions!


In one of the last League matches before Christmas, title contenders Phoenix A played host to Scorpions B. Mick Jarvis, Mick Bell and Phil Walton played for the home team, unusually top scorer in the League Richard Element had not turned out. Vince Loh, Liam Carson and Malcolm Manuel visiting. The first three all went quickly to Phoenix all in three straight games, Jarvis beating Carson, Bell by-passing Loh and Walton brushing aside Manuel. Carson hit back in the fourth match seeing off Bell in three games. A tussle then between Jarvis and Manuel as the former just lost in deuce in the fourth game. Walton won his second to give Phoenix the first point with the doubles sealing it straight after. Carson won his second of the night in match 9 being the only man on the scorecard for Scorpions. Phoenix the eventual winners 8-2 maintaining the challenge on the title just three points behind the top spot.

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