Rotherham Advertiser 7th October 2016

In Division Two this week Clifton D were away to Rotherham Scorpions D at the Bill Schafer Centre at Bramley. Aaran Radford got Scorpions off to a win against Clifton’s club secretary Francis Lovell though it was a close call as three games of the four went to deuce or 9. Jack Robinson on next versus Chris Thompson playing his first match of the season and, despite losing the first game, Robinson took the next three easily to put Scorpions two up. Gary Cooper and Steve Naylor on third with Cooper on form on the evening winning it three straight. Lovell hit back in the next to put Clifton on the scoresheet. Radford beat Naylor in the next and Cooper winning his second gave Scorpions the first point. Doubles went to the away team as did the next singes as Naylor beat teenager Robinson. 5-3 to Scorpions. Could Clifton win the last two to pinch the second point? Cooper took his in three quick games against Lovell as did Radford against Thompson. So 7-3 to Scorpions on the night with maximums from Cooper and Radford.

Also in Two Pete Eyre, Steve Garrett and Rob Eyre turned out for Stag School of Motoring A team hosting Russ Clayton, Rob Vaughan and Alan Waistnidge from Phoenix C. Pete Eyre won a really close match with Clayton winning it in the fifth to give the home team the first set. Vaughan and Waistnidge took the next two for Phoenix to put them 2-1 in front. Garrett beat Clayton 11-9 in the fifth game to take the next one to level things up. So it went on up to the eighth set bringing the match to a 4-4 stand-off. Clayton beats Rob Eyre in three quick games to give the visitors the first point. But Pete Eyre responds for the family team with an equally easy win over Vaughan to tie the match.

Division Three saw a titanic battle between Phoenix Sports and Social Club E and F teams. Joh Halgarth, Kieran Alvey and Harry Smith for the E team and Bob Vickers, Eric Twigg and Eric Hall for the F team. Vickers beat Halgarth in the first and Alvey returned the favour against Twigg. Hall won the third in a long five game set to make it 2-1 F team. Alvey won his second 2-2. Halgarth won his too to make it 3-2. Twigg beat Smith to level the match again. Doubles to the E team and Alvey completed his hat-trick to take the first point. Vickers was not going to let the match go as he won in three easy games against Halgarth. 5-4 to the E team. It is thus down to Hall to try and take the second point away from the E team but it was not going to happen as Halgarth swept him aside to complete the 6-4 win for the E team.

Also in this division three new young players from Scorpions G hosted the vast experience of Alan Redfern, Keith Lund and Pete Cox of Clifton E. The three youngsters all part of the junior coaching machine at Scorpions were Connor Hallford, Harry Oxley and Keshar Gupta. Unfortunately the Clifton team whitewashed the junior players 10-0. All good match experience though!

In Division One the top two teams met for the first time of the season. Unusually this was not Scorpions A but clubmates Scorpions C and the regular challengers for the title, L.S.M. A. The visitors were James Houghton, Mick Foster and Mick Brooks whilst Scorpions turned out three of the squads regulars James Grayson, Jamie Hudd and Alan Battye. Hudd beat Brooks in the first of the night then Foster did the same to Battye. Grayson and Houghton next and this went the distance with the former pinching it 12-10 in the fifth. Battye then overcame Brooks to make it 3-1 to the home team. Houghton hit back beating Hudd in another five game thriller. Grayson took his second of the night to make it 4-2 to Scorpions. The doubles went the distance as LSM took a two game lead but they were pegged back to 2-2. In the fifth game LSM took a very quick lead and never look worried as they made it 4-3. Battye lost to Houghton 4-4. Two sets left. Who would take the points? James Grayson played Mick Brooks and won easily in three completing a magnificent hat-trick on the night. Last match was Hudd versus Foster and the first game was crucial as it would give the momentum to one of the two. 16-14 to Foster! Hudd hits back to make it level, Foster wins the third and takes the fourth brilliantly to win the set and tie the match. So both teams played three matches won two and drawn one to stay top two in the League. Star of the night James Grayson winning all three of his whilst Foster and Houghton shone for LSM with braces each.

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