The final of the Habershon Cup is:

Stag A v Clifton A

Final to be played by 30 April 2018



Phoenix E          v       Stag A

Stag A won by 25 points

Clifton A            v       Scorpions A

Clifton A won by 44 points

Ties to be played by Wednesday 18 April 2018



Phoenix E             v            Scorpions G

Phoenix E won by 105 points

Stag A                   v             Scorpions C

Stag A won by 40 points

Swallownest        v             Scorpions A

Scorpions A won by 39 points

Scorpions F          v             Clifton A

Clifton A won by 24 points

Ties to be played week commencing 26 March 2018.


Scorpions A         v              Phoenix B

Scorpions A won by 50 points

Scorpions C         v              Clifton C

Conceded by Clifton C

Scorpions E         v              Stag A

Conceded by Scorpions E

Phoenix E            v              Clifton B

Phoenix E won by 30 points

Phoenix A           v              Scorpions G

Conceded by Phoenix A

Phoenix C           v              Scorpions F

Scorpions F won by 48 points

Stag C                  v              Clifton A

Clifton A won by 88 points

Swallownest      v               Stag B

Swallownest won by 135 points

All matches to be played w/c Monday 12th February, 2018.

Teams are reminded that under rule 10F a player must have played 3 times in the current season to be an eligible player.

The Exec Committee are reviewing the handicaps after the first round results. The revised handicaps will be published shortly.


Here is the draw for the first round of the 2017-18  Habershon Cup:


Scorpions B   v  Phoenix B     Phoenix B won by 36 points

Phoenix C      v  Phoenix D    -Phoenix C won by 1 point

Scorpions A   v  Phoenix F     -Scorpions A won by 91 points

Clifton D        v  Clifton B        - Clifton B won by 51 points

Phoenix A     v  Scorpions D  - Phoenix A won by 110 points

Clifton A       v   Stag D            -Clifton A won by 181 points


Byes: Clifton C, Phoenix E, Stag A, Stag B, Stag C, Scorpions C, Scorpions E,Scorpions F,Scorpions G Swallownest MW.


All matches to be played by FRIDAY, 3rd November, 2017.

Winning teams in BOLD.

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