With the new season under way the RTTL has returned to three Divisions, hopefully making matches more competitive and fairer to meet all players’ various standards.

In Div.1 with Swinton v Ryedale B postponed, Hutton A kicked off the season against Whitby which proved to be a battle royal ending the night 5-5. Whitby's Dave Williams with a hat trick was the player of the match ably supported with singles from Barbara Kearney and Bob Evans. With Hutton's Jim Bailey overwhelmed it was left to stalwarts Tom Needham and Joel Wright to save the day winning a brace each, pairing up to take the doubles. Ryedale A entertained Coneysthorpe in another ding dong match which saw 5 games go the distance. The Rye's held the upper hand thanks to a pair each from Stephen Temple and Mike Wheatley plus a single to Mike Fenby. but the Coneys fought back thanks to star man Gareth Bryning's treble and a point to Dave Quinlan, the match ending all square when Bryning/Suchecki beat Temple/Fenby in five. 

In Div.2 Helmsley had a convincing win 8-2 over Ryedale F thanks to an undefeated display from Ruth Purseglove and a doubles win for Nick Bowes and Phil Trevelyan. Gavin Buckley (1) and Pete Whitfield (1) and John Draper were all involved in very close games and were frustrated not to do better. Doubles from Ryedale E's Jean Wardman, Mick Carter and Trevor Teasdale were enough to overcome Amotherby A 6-4 with Richard Brown and Ken Darby thankful for team mate Ian Johnson's star performance treble and the doubles. Amotherby B forfeited 3 points against Hutton B but still managed to scrape a draw thanks to an unblemished display from Malcolm Sims, a single to Andy Holmes plus the doubles. Hutton replied with Andy Grayson and Ollie Braithwaite recording a brace each with a single to Mircea Voicu.  

In Div.3  newcomers Rillington entertained Ryedale G and found them in impressive form as they ran out 8-2 victors with Alan Kimber and Danny Stansfield both undefeated plus a Ross Thorpe double. Rillington's David and Keiran Leckenby found the going tough but with Eric Hall winning a single they took the doubles to end the night on a high. Westow's Sara Winn-Darley and Colin Payne bagged three games each and the doubles to overcome Amotherby D 7-3,  who replied with singles each from Andy Studdart, Ellie Smith and Linda Clarke when overcoming Sarah Magson. Hutton C proved too strong for opponents Amotherby C as they ran out 8-2 winners thanks to a hat trick from star man Chris Parker and a brace each to Barbara Johnson and Angela Parker. In reply Ian Dawson clinched a brace but Alan Mitchell and Ruth Wilson were unable to secure a win.

 Pat Swindell 


In Div.1 Hutton A trudged home after suffering their worst  loss in years going down 9-1 to Swinton. Fielding a team of Tom Needham, Jim Bailey and Ollie Braithwaite they had no answer, imploding, as both Pat Swindell and Paul Cuthbertson recorded trebles plus a brace to Dave Chugg who succumbed to Tom. Whitby had a convincing win over Ryedale C with star man John Hanson in impressive form undefeated along with Barbara Kearney plus a single to Vic Wilson ensuring an 8-2 victory over Titch Temple (1), Barry Todd (1) and Jan Bryan. By taking the doubles Coneysthorpe gained a narrow 6-4 win when entertaining Ryedale B. Unbeaten star man Russ Barton and a brace to Jo Suchecki who  then paired up to take the doubles thus overcoming Ed Wardman (2), Andrew Malley (1) and Alec Hodgson (1).

In Div. 2 Ryedale D crushed Andy Holmes, Malcom Sims and Janet Bailey 10 nil in a one sided affair, Andy Paton, Barry Rudd and Chris Sharples all with 100%. Ryedale F suffered a narrow defeat 6-4 at the hands of Amotherby B who were thankful to man of the match Ian Johnson's treble plus two to Ken Darby. The Rye's fought back with a brace from Gavin Buckley and singles to Pete Whitfield and Rob Williams before yielding to Johnson and Darby in the doubles. Two wins in two for Ryedale E as they overcame Hutton B 8-2 thanks to a hat trick from Trevor Teasdale and doubles each for Jean Wardman and Mick Carter, Andy Grayson and Eddie Prest taking a single each with Mircea Voicu out of luck.

In Div.3 Ryedale G continued their good start to the season with a 9-1 win over Amotherby C. Harry Gascoyne and John Ellis recorded trebles and with a Daniel Stansfield brace they powered through Ruth Wilson, Jonathan Hill and Ian Dawson, who saved the whitewash. Hutton C and Westow enjoyed a tense match which swung one way then the other before being decided on the final doubles which went to Hutton and a 6-4 victory thanks to a brace each from Wendy Prest and Chris Parker plus a single to Barbara Johnson. Consolation prize went to player of the match Sara Winn-Darley for her undefeated display and a solo effort from John Clayton. Amotherby D out performed Ryedale H 8-2 courtesy of a Richard Lee hat trick and doubles each to Janet Bailey and Andy Studdart. The Rye's replied with singles to John Stott and Rob Wilkinson with a gritty display from Joan Swindell unrewarded.

Pat Swindell


In Div.1 Hutton A emerged victors 6-4 after taking the doubles against Coneysthorpe. Before that Joel Wright and Tom Needham had won all their games against Tim Smith, Jo Suchecki and Russ Barton who all picked up a point against Jim Bailey. Ryedale B went down by the same score conceding the vital doubles against their 'A' team after five games went the distance in a very close encounter. Mike Fenby took the accolades with a hat trick backed up by a John Flintoft double and a Mike Wheatley single to overcome Ed Wardman (2), Alec Hodgson (1) with Andrew Malley unrewarded for a very strong performance. Swinton were made to fight all the way against Ryedale C before running out 7-3 victors. Star man Pat Swindell remained unbeaten backed up with a brace each from Paul Cuthbertson and Dave Chugg. The Rye's Titch Temple recorded, deservedly, two excellent wins teaming up with Jan Bryan to win the doubles. 

In Div.2 Helmsley got knocked back playing Amotherby A, going down 7-3. Ruth Purseglove with a treble could only look on as both Nick Bowes and Phil Trevellyan were dispatched comfortably by resilient threesome, Ian Johnson, Russ Grimshaw and Ken Darby who then took the doubles 14-12 on the final end. Ryedale D played stablemates Ryedale E with the match ending all square. A treble from the impressive Chris Sharples and a brace to Barry Rudd was cancelled out by a Trevor Teasdale double and singles to Mick Carter and Jean Wardman before Jean and Trevor took the doubles 14-12 in the final end. Hutton B's twosome, Andy Grayson and Eddie Prest remained undefeated before teaming up to take the doubles to ensure a 7-3 win against Ryedale F. In reply Robert Williams, Pete Whitfield and Gavin Buckley all overcame Mircea Voicu.

In Div.3  Amotherby C had Alan Mitchell in top form with a treble and coupled with singles each to Jonathan Hill and Ruth Wilson they held on for a draw against new boys Rillington who replied with a brace each from David Leckenby and Chris Needham who paired up to win the doubles, Phillip Horton missing out in three keenly contested games. Westow and Ryedale G couldn't be separated sharing the points. The Rye's Harry Gascoyne and John Ellis with a pair each and a solo effort from Dan Stansfield were pegged back by top player John Clayton's treble, a single to Colin Payne plus the doubles. Ryedale H v Hutton C was pp.

Pat Swindell 


In Div. 1 Whitby moved into top spot after an 8-2 win over Swinton but unbeaten star man Dave Williams along with Bob Evans and Barbara Kearney who won a brace each were made to fight all the way. With 50% of the games going the distance it was left to Paul Cuthbertson to score a brace with Pat Swindell and Dave Chugg thwarted. Coneysthorpe eased to a comfortable victory 10 - nil over Ryedale C. Dave Quinlan, Joe Suchecki and man of the match Gareth Bryning having the skill and quality to overcome the efforts of Titch Temple, Barry Todd and Jan Bryan. Not for the first time, Hutton A's duo of Tom Needham and Joel Wright remained undefeated and with a single to Jim Bailey they triumphed 7-3 over Ryedale A's John Flintoft (1), Stephen Temple (1) and Mike Wheatley with the Rye's gaining consolation by taking the doubles in five.

In Div.2 it’s early days but Ryedale D look title contenders soaring to the top after whitewashing  Ryedale F's Rob Williams, Gavin Buckley and John Draper 10-0, Andy Paton, Chris Sharples and Barry Rudd all being in impressive form. Keeping up the pressure are Helmsley with a convincing 10 nil win over Hutton B. Strong performances from Ruth Purseglove, Nick Bowes and Toby Crusher were enough to dispatch opponents Eddie Prest, Ollie Braithwaite and Andrew Grayson who each rued their 5 set loss to Bowes. Ryedale E wrapped up a 6-4 victory over Amotherby B thanks to a brace each from Trevor Teasdale, Jean Wardman and Mick Carter. Replying for Amotherby was player of the match Russ Grimshaw unbeaten with a treble, pairing up with Andy Holmes to take the doubles. 

In Div. 3 Rillington are still looking for their 1st win after narrowly losing 6-4 to seasoned campaigners Westow. A hat-trick to star man Eric Hall and a single to Chris Needham was cancelled out by a brace each from Colin Payne and John Clayton and with a crucial tense game going to Sarah Magson over Kieran Leckenby they took the doubles. Ros Thorpe and Alan Kimber were in majestic form undefeated with trebles and with Harry Gascoyne's double it ensured Ryedale G eased past Mike Askham (1), Rob Wilkinson and Susan Hallett 9-1 to top the leader board. For some reason both Hutton C and Amotherby D turned up with only two players each, resulting in the unusual final score of 2-7. Amotherby's Andy Studdart and Linda Clarke both overcame Barbara Johnson and Heather Donald with forfeits going to both teams. 

Pat Swindell 


In Div.1 Coneysthorpe swept Swinton aside with ease 9-1, keeping themselves in touch at the top thanks to a hat trick of wins to Gareth Bryning and Dave Quinlan plus a brace to Tim Smith. Pat Swindell, Paul Cuthbertson and Dave Chugg struggled to compete and got what they deserved. Ryedale A recorded an excellent win over a first choice Whitby team. Man of the match John Flintoft's unblemished display ably backed up by Mike Fenby with a brace and a single to Stephen Temple saw off previously unbeaten Dave Williams (2), Bob Evans (1) and a winless Barbara Kearney. Ryedale B played stable mates Ryedale C with Ed Wardman leading the way unbeaten coupled with a brace each to Andrew Malley and Alec Hodgson they secured a comfortable 8-2 win over Barry Todd, Jan Bryan and Titch Temple who won two games.

In Div. 2 Ryedale D had John Gascoyne back for his first match of the season and shaking off the rust he scored a brace to go with Barry Rudd's single and star man Andy Paton's treble. Finally taking the doubles they ran out 7-3 victors over Amotherby A who got points from an Ian Johnson double and a solo effort to Richard Brown. Ryedale E proved too strong for Ryedale F, dominating the match from the first game, eventually running out 9-1 victors with trebles to both Jean Wardman and Trevor Teasdale with Mick Carter chipping in with a brace. Pete Whitfield and John Draper both struggled leaving Rob Williams to avoid their blushes of a whitewash. Helmsley v Amotherby B was pp. 

In Div. 3 Hutton C playing two matches had mixed fortunes, firstly against Ryedale H they won 6-4 thanks to star man Chris Parker with a treble, a brace to Angela Parker and a single from Barbara Johnson. In reply Mike Askham won two and John Stott one before pairing up to take the doubles. That feat couldn’t be repeated against Ryedale G, the same threesome going down 8-2 with only Chris Parker getting on the scoresheet with a pair. Getting the win for the Rye's was man of the match John Ellis with a treble and doubles to both Dan Stansfield and Harry Gascoyne. New signing Tom Brown made an immediate impact for Rillington winning all his games and with teammates Chris Needham and Phillip Horton getting a single each they drew 5-5 with Amotherby D who won the vital doubles after Richard Lee scored a double with singles to Linda Clarke and Janet Bailey. Amotherby C played basement club Ryedale H and came out top winning 6-4 thanks to a brace each from Jonathan Hill and Alan Mitchell, a single to Ruth Wilson plus the doubles. In reply Mike Askam took the night’s honours unbeaten with Joan Swindell contributing a single.

Pat Swindell 


In Div.1 Ryedale B travelled to Whitby and gained a valuable 6-4 win thanks to a solid all round team performance from Ed Wardman, Andrew Malley and Alec Hodgson who all recorded a brace each. The seasiders John Hanson and Stuart Brown both failed to take a game leaving it to player of the match Barbara Kearney to get a treble, pairing up with Hanson to take the doubles. Swinton had a very competitive match playing Ryedale A but unfortunately the ball fell the wrong side of the net as they eventually lost 8-2 with only Paul Cuthbertson able to get on the scorecard. The Rye's man of the match Stephen Temple was undefeated with John Flintoft and Mike Wheatley both scoring a pair. Ryedale C v Hutton A became farcical when the away team turned up with just Tom Needham. Last minute efforts failed to find players with the final result finishing 7-3 to Ryedale's Titch Temple, Jan Bryan and Barry Todd who all lost to Needham, with Hutton forfeiting seven games - a situation the RTTL hopes will not be repeated!

In Div.2 Ros Thorpe stepped up from Division 3 to play for Ryedale D against Hutton B but found her opponents Eddie Prest, Ollie Braithwaite and Andrew Grayson too good to win any points. Thankfully Andy Paton and Barry Rudd were on top form both remaining unbeaten before pairing up and taking the doubles to ensure a comfortable 7-3 victory. Title hopefuls Ryedale E and Helmsley battled it out toe to toe but at the end of the night couldn't be separated, finishing in a draw 5-5. The Rye's Jean Wardman and Mick Carter both recorded a brace each along with a single from Trevor Teasdale, all three overcoming new signing Graham Sellers. However none of them could match player of the night Ruth Purseglove's impressive form as she won all three games and with Nick Bowes taking a single they teamed up to take the vital doubles. Amotherby B v Amotherby A pp.

In Div.3 Rillington have clearly found their table tennis feet and recorded another victory 6-4 over Hutton C courtesy of a brace apiece to Chris Needham, David Leckenby and Kieran Leckenby. Hutton's Angela Parker and Barbara Johnson were caught off guard by the newcomers’ quality leaving it to seasoned campaigner Chris Parker to take the night’s honours with a hat trick of wins before teaming up with Angela to secure the doubles. Amotherby C's Ian Dawson was the star man as he remained undefeated with partner Jonathan Hill taking a single but with Ruth Wilson missing out Amotherby D saw victory with both Linda Clarke and new recruit Paula O'Donnell getting a brace each plus a solo effort from Andy Studdart they got a 6-4 win by taking the doubles 11-6 in the fifth. 


 In Div.1 after an epic night of table tennis Coneysthorpe salvaged a draw when Russ Barton and Dave Quinlan teamed up to take the final doubles game against John Flintoft and Titch Temple. Before that six of the nine singles had gone the distance with the Rye's just edging in front 5-4 thanks to Flintoft and Mike Wheatley both winning two each and Temple a single. The Coneys’ resilience kept them touch with a brace to Quinlan and solo efforts from Barton and Jo Suchecki. In the end a fair result from the division’s current top two teams. At the other end of the table Swinton got back to winning ways with what was in the end a comfortable victory over Ryedale B. In a very competitive match Dave Chugg and Pat Swindell both recorded trebles with only Paul Cuthbertson missing out in five against Alec Hodgson who saved the whitewash after Ed Wardman and Andrew Malley had failed to win.

In Div.2 Helmsley doubled up on matches recording two excellent wins which takes them to the top of the leader board. Firstly playing Ryedale F they won 8-2 with Andrew Turner and Toby Crusher both undefeated plus a Phil Trevelyan single. The Rye's replied with singles to Rob Williams and Gavin Buckley. Their 2nd match saw them dispatch Amotherby B 9-1 with Toby Crusher again unbeaten along with Ruth Purseglove and a brace to Nick Bowes. With Alf Godson and Malcolm Sims unable to make inroads it was left to Russ Grimshaw to save the Amotherby blushes. A surprise result saw Amotherby A beat Ryedale E 7-3. Ian Johnson in sparkling form scored a hat trick with a brace to Richard Brown and a single to Ken Darby. Ryedale replied with a couple to Mick Carter and a solo effort from Trevor Teasdale. Hutton B always had the upper hand as they swept aside Amotherby B's Russ Grimshaw (1), Alf Godson and Andy Holmes 9-1 thanks to trebles from Eddie Prest and Ollie Braithwaite backed up by Wendy Prest with a double.

In Div.3 Rillington playing away to Hutton C enjoyed another fine victory winning 4-6, thanks to a flawless display from man of the match Tom Brown assisted by David Leckenby with a brace. Hutton fought back with a double to John Ellis and a single to Ros Thorpe but succumbed to Brown and Leckenby in the doubles. Westow dispatched comfortably Amotherby D 9-1 meeting only token resistance from Janet Bailey (1), Andy Studdart and Paula O'Donnell. Seasoned campaigners John Clayton and Sara Winn-Darley wrapped up the night with unblemished records plus a single to Colin Payne.  

Pat Swindell  

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