Sacriston Table Tennis Club

Minutes of AGM Tuesday May 5th 2015,  6.30p.m.

held at Kimblesworth Community Centre.


Present: Ian McPherson, Duncan Fraser, Peter Whitfield, Dan Hutchinson, Terry Charlton, Colin Pritchard, Neil Coulthard, Michael Lishman, Matt Greenwood.


Apologies:  Nigel Coe, Ian McAllister, Jon Mawson, John Reid

Minutes of Previous AGM  - accepted

Matters Arising CASC has been applied for and been successfully achieved, which will aid any further grant or award applications

Chair’s Report: Reported on the Growth of the club, the move to Kimblesworth for matches and the success of club sessions where we had plenty of resources to provide opportunities for all attendees. Funds coming in

Sir James Knott £1000 – which paid for barriers and umpires equipment for Kimblesworth, Junior Umpire awards(12), level 1 coaching certificate and Junior league entry fees.

Sported - £2000 bought three new tables for Kimblesworth to give a professional feel to games nights

Sacriston Parish Council - £1649 used to pay for further equipment, barriers, another new table further umpires equipment, another robot, and match,  practise, and robot balls

Kimblesworth Parish Council £300 – to be spent on developing links with Kimblesworth Youth club to encourage local juniors to join the club.

The club had frequently been complimented by visitors on its equipment and its welcoming nature

There is still £4000 From Local Councillors fund to be spent on new tables for Fyndoune.

Secretary’s Report:

Summer League 2014

There was considerable improvement from the previous year. We entered 5 teams, more than ever before with the following results. Aces – winners of Division 2 (Waldemar Dzwonkowski completed season without losing a single game (100%) and Ian McAllister (72%). Bombers – winners Of Division 3 (Ian McPherson (75%) Dan Hutchinson (70%) Mark Walton (60%) . Comets, Chargers and Desperadoes (Max Duffin 80%) were less successful but fielded a total of 22 players , 32 players from all teams

Winter League 2014-15

There was considerable improvement from the previous year. We entered a record 5 teams, more than ever before: Aces – finished 4th in Division 1 – much better than last place the previous year, and good average achieved by Waldemar Dzwonkowski (92% - 3rd in rankings). Bombers – finished 3rd in Division 2 – better than previous year and good averages were achieved by Dan Nicholson (78% - finished top of rankings, Lee Maher (61%) and Ian McPherson (70%)). Chargers – much better than previous year and only just missed out on promotion as well as finishing 3rd in Division 3 – good averages from Max Duffin (91%) and Peter Whitfield (78%) and Terry Charlton (73%) and Dennis Jennings (66%), Desperadoes and Eagles fielded a total of 15 players – many new juniors getting their first taste of competition – good results from Sam Duffin (63%) and Matt Greenwood (62%) We fielded a total of 33 players – slightly more than the previous year

Handicap (Winter League)

Three Sacriston teams reached the team handicap semi-finals (Aces, Bombers and Chargers) and Bombers ultimately ran out winners in the final over Lanchester A. Matt Greenwood reached the semis of the individual Handicap competition but was beaten by Max Duffin who then went on to be defeated in the final by the much improved Josh Weatherby.


Membership numbers are fairly stable – we currently have 36 members who are paid up and registered with Table Tennis England and 34 players entered for the 2015 Summer League. There are 49 active members of the club. 25 are senior of which  2 are female, 2 are social members, Juniors 2 both male both competitive,          Cadets 22, 1 female, 12 social players

Junior Championships, Max Duffin has achieved success in tournaments this year and is ranked in the top 200 nationally at U15.

Treasurer’s Report including membership and fees proposal.

Treasurers  Accounts were presented and are also included which showed a profit of £20 for the year and a large increase in fixed assets(through funding and awards)

The current assets(cash) were £992.  The budget for the coming year was presented which, if all fees remained the same, and no further income came in it showed an overspend of £700.

The club would seek to cover this by carrying out further applications for awards, carrying out funded coaching projects, increasing attendance at club sessions and other funding opportunities.

Discussion took place on the number of teams at each venue and whether we should play from one match venue, it was decided to continue to use two match venues but to increase the number of teams playing to help cover the costs. This to be looked at for winter season.

It was decided to leave all fees at the same, with membership fees to be paid by the end of May.

£10 for seniors £5 for Juniors

Match fees need to be paid on a regular basis to cover hall hire, the end of June and the end of December as well as the end of each playing season, August and April.

The accounts were signed by the officials.


Election of Officials: Re-Elected en-bloc.

Chair Ian McPherson, Secretary Duncan Fraser, Treasurer Peter Whitfield, Junior Rep Dan Hutchinson. Election of Auditor: Neil Coulthard elected unanimously, and to arrange a time with treasurer to audit accounts


Changes to Constitution; the constitution had reached CASC status. No changes had been proposed, so the current constitution was signed by officials.


Make up of summer squads: The summer squads were looked at, The Aces are to approach Malcolm Lusk about his availability and may enter in both leagues in the winter, the Bombers need to check on Nigel Coe’s and Mark Walton’s availability in the summer. At least 4 players have been registered for each team with the rest being “Desperadoes” but available for other teams.


Playing Venues: As discussed earlier


Club Development: There are opportunities for anyone who wishes to take qualifications in table tennis


AOB:  There is an amendment to our proposals to the Sunderland league these are to be voted on to ensure our proposals remain intact.

A vote of thanks was proposed to the committee and John Spencer for the running of the club and the gaining of funding to upgrade our resources.


There followed a competition played with basic pimple bats which was won by Dan Hutchinson.

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