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As you may be aware under the new ITTF regulation open coaching during games is now allowed at all events and has to be adopted by National Associations in all events from the 1st October 2016.  This means that in any match anywhere the coach/parent may speak to the player (not during the point but when the ball goes out of play) giving coaching advice, 'play to the BH more, serve short to the FH, don't go back etc'.   At the Crawley GP I checked with Steve Smith the referee and he confirmed that the regulation will apply too in local league.  Local leagues may opt out this first season but only if they have done so in their handbook or if they advise all clubs that the ITTF Regulation will not apply to play in their area for the 2016-2017 season.  This should be done before the 1st October to all clubs.  I and many coaches feel that this will cause dissension during many matches especially where young players are involved.  I am also surprised that TT England has not advised leagues of the regulation and its ramifications.  Regards, Rowden

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