Top Edge & Gertsen TT Training Camp @ The Dorset Table Tennis Centre, Christchurch

17th, 18th & 19th February 2017


Places will be allocated on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. To reserve your place, complete the application form and email it to Your place will be provisionally confirmed upon receipt of this form and payment is required by the Friday 3rd February at the latest (ideally within two weeks of booking onto the course).


Timings, costs and payment details can be found on the next page.


Player Details


Please indicate which days you’d like to attend here:                                                                                

Participant's Name __________________________________   Date of Birth _____________


Mobile Phone ____________________   Email _____________________________________

Playing Level                                                                                                                                                                                          

Any Medical issues which the coaches will need to know: ______________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Name ________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Number ______________________________________________

I accept full responsibility for my / my children's participation. I relieve the coaches, directors, sponsors and any others involved in the class of any liability for injury, loss or damages.


I give my consent to the publication of photographs and / or film recorded by or on behalf of Top Edge Table Tennis and Gertsen TT (for myself or my child's / children's taking part in the above training camp)


Signature (type name if submitting electronically) _________________________________

Date ____________________                                               (Parents signature for those under 18)


If you are submitting this form electronically then you should note that in the absence of this signature the emailing of this application constitutes your personal certification that the details are correct.

Payment Instructions - Please reference your first initial, surname and 'camp'

Mr S D Gertsen


SC: 11-07-69

A: 00804017


If payment via BACS is not possible, please get in touch and we can arrange an alternative payment method.


Camp Costs


1 Day = £55

2 Days = £100

3 Days = £140

Venue Address


The Dorset Table Tennis Centre is based at the Grange School, Redvers Road, Christchurch BH23 3AQ. For those driving, use BH23 3AT.


Dates & Times


Friday 17th - 12:00-17:30

Saturday 18th - 9:30-15:00

Sunday 19th - 9:30-15:00


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