27th December 2016

Dear All,

Following complaints received regarding the attitude and conduct of some players during recent matches, the committee have decided to issue some guidance for umpires and team captains.

Guidance for Umpires/Team Captains.

If any player exhibits poor behavior, eg excessive and repeated swearing, table or bat abuse, or other unsportsmanlike behavior: 

1.  The umpire shall, in the first instance, call a let and ask the team captain to speak to his/her player.  (The opposing team captain may ask the umpire to intervene.)

2.  If this has no effect, the umpire may warn the player about his/her conduct.

3.  If the behaviour is repeated, the umpire may advise the offending player that the incident will be reported to the STTA Committee for further action.

We are hoping that team captains will take responsibility for the behaviour of their players and that point 1 above will suffice.  The STTA is a friendly association where the emphasis is on enjoyment – the committee do not therefore anticipate many, if any incidents being reported.

A reminder of the rules re: conduct.

12.6 The Executive Committee shall have the power to suspend from taking part in any competitions, any club, team, or individual found guilty of a breach of the rules, or of bringing the game or Association into disrepute.

12.7 Except at the discretion of the Executive Committee, protests and complaints must reach the General Secretary or Records Secretary in writing within two weeks of the incident taking place.

12.8 When a player or a club is reported for an infringement of the rules, the player and/or secretary of such a club shall be called upon for a full explanation and invited, if deemed necessary by the Executive Committee, to attend when the matter comes up for discussion.

I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas – Happy New Year!


Best wishes,



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