CV Eagles  v   SN Tigers/Redlynch Ravens

Breamore Badgers   v   Breamore Otters


SN Cougars   v    CV Falcons

Winterslow Jupiter    v    Woodford Stoats



Redlynch Rhinos  - 250 (2 players)     SN Cougars -  441

CV Kites  - 387     CV Falcons - 448

Winterslow Jupiter -  419    Downton  -  405

Redlynch Rooks    v    Woodford Stoats



bye    v   CV Eagles

SN Tigers    v    Redlynch Ravens

 Breamore Foxes  -  504     Breamore Badgers  -  517

bye    v    Breamore Otters


HANDICAP  FIRST  ROUND  -  2016 / 2017


                          Home Team                           Away Team


                        Redlynch Rhinos            v.         CV Owls  (withdrawn)

         SN Cougars   -   432         CV Eagles   -   385.5

    CV Kites    -    484           SN Tigers   -   460

                                                          CV Falcons    -   451          Redlynch Ravens   -   390

                                         Winterslow Jupiter  -   485      v.         Breamore Foxes  -   477

                                                          Breamore Badgers   -   423         Downton  -  448

                                                          Bye                              v.         Redlynch Rooks

                                                         Breamore Otters   -   431         Woodford Stoats   -   526


NB.  A player may only play for one team for the duration of the Handicap competition     . 


Please contact your opposing team captain to confirm date to be played.

All scorecards to be sent to David Chalk within twenty-four hours.

First round to be played before or during Week commencing Monday 12th December 2016

Winners will be entered into the draw for the first round of the main, cup competition.

First time Losers will be entered into the draw for the consolation, plate competition.

These matches to be played week commencing Monday 9th January 2017


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