Senior Shield Final

CV Owls    v.     Downton (withdrew)

Winners:  CV Owls

Runners up:  Downton

Tigers Shield Final

Woodford Stoats  -  3   Breamore Otters  -  5

Senior Shield Semi-finals

 Redlynch Ravens        v.        CV Owls

Downton  -  5      CV Falcons   -   3


Tigers Shield Semi-finals

SN Tigers  -  4         Woodford Stoats  -  5

Breamore Foxes  -  3      Breamore Otters   -  5


SENIOR  SHIELD  2016/2017


                        Home Team                Away Team

                        CV Kites   -  4                      Redlynch Ravens   -   5

                              SN Cougars   -  0                CV Owls   -   5

                              Downton    -  5                   Winterslow Jupiter   -  1

                              CV Falcons   -  5                  Breamore Badgers   -   1


TIGERS  SHIELD  2016/2017



                   Home Team                    Away Team

                        SN Tigers   -  5                         Redlynch Rhinos   -   3

                        Woodford Stoats   -  5           CV Eagles   -   2

                        Breamore Foxes            v.         Bye

                        Breamore Otters   -  5     Redlynch Rooks   -   1


Home Team Captain please contact your opposing captain to confirm date to be played.   All scorecards to be sent to David Chalk within twenty-four hours, or emailed with copies to Gill & Malcolm.     

First round to be played before or during week commencing Monday, 7th November 2016

Semi Final to be played before or during week commencing Monday, 23rd  January, 2017.

Final to be played before or during week commencing Monday 27th March, 2017.         

NB A player may only play for one team for the duration of the Shield competitions – the Senior and Tigers Shield counted as one competition for the purpose of this rule.

Shield Matches:

1.   A match shall consist of nine sets, 6 singles and 3 doubles, each set being the best of 5 games. The result of the match shall be decided by the number of sets won.  The losing team may concede, but otherwise the match shall be played out.

2.   Prior to the start of the match, each captain shall complete a team selection form which indicates which player will play as number 1 etc.  Once a captain has seen the opposing team’s form, he cannot change the order of his team.

3.   The order of play shall be: (home team player first)

2v1,   3v3,   1v2,   2&3 v 2&3,   3&1 v 3&1,   1&2 v 1&2,   2v3,  1v1,   3v2.

4.   If one team lacks a third player, the 4 sets he/she would have played shall be conceded to the other team.

5.   If both teams lack a third player the match will consist of 5 sets – 4 singles and 1 double.  The order of play shall be: 

Doubles,   2v1,   1v2,   2v2,   1v1.



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