Thoughts from STTA players:

'We are a minor league where, although we are very keen to perform at our best and to win, we play table tennis for fun. We have a relaxed approach in that if someone cannot raise a team we will do all we can to replay the match and if someone is going to arrive late, we will play games out of sequence to fit them in.'

'Each club finds the best venue it can and we have to put up with the variation in standards that this engenders.'

'Relationships and friendship with other players and teams within the league have in many cases,  been built up over decades! Although small, we believe the Salisbury Table Tennis League has always largely been characterised by friendly rivalry, mutual respect and, where needed, flexibility when allowance is sought for deficiencies in venues, date changes etc etc.'

'We hope that the STTA can retain this friendly and respectful character in the future.'


Gill & the STTA committee.

We are keen to encourage new players to join us - whether you would like to join a team to play in matches, or would just like to play for fun, please contact us and we will do our best to help.


Chalke Valley hold practice evenings on Sundays - contact

Tom Scard - thomasscard@gmail.com



Breamore hold practice evenings on Mondays - contact Gill on 07592 052761

email - arkle46@aol.com


Kevin Williams   -   South Newton

(01980) 590418(P) or 07976 732626(M)


Dan Brace  -  Woodford  (new contact)




Salisbury & District Table Tennis Club

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