DIVISION 2 – 14.01.18 – DAY 3


Division 2 reached the half way stage of the season at its third meeting.   After two meetings Teen & 20 were top of the table on 17 with just four points covering the next three, Darenth C on 14, Leigh C on 13 and Leigh D on 10.   Halstead A had five and Bromley Common A one.

Round 5

There were a couple of really close matches in this Round.   Halstead A (Richard Nash/Ted Tydeman) were looking for points from Leigh D (Robert Karafa/Dan Powley) to help them in their plight.   From their point of view, Leigh were out to get all they could to keep away from the relegation zone.   Halstead A began well with Nash beating Karafa but it all started to go downhill after that with Leigh coming with a run of three wins to take the lead, Dan Powley picking up both his singles.   Tydeman needed to beat Karafa if he could and did which kept the score to 2-3.

Darenth C were minus one of their regulars so Karol Wolosiewicz came in to partner Steve New against the Leigh C ladies, Michelle McGovern and Lois Perryman.   This was a baptism of fire for Wolosiewicz and although he got good guidance from New, the ladies weren’t going to give either him or New any quarter and recorded a 5-0.

Table leaders Teen & 20 (Ming Majoe/Nick Smith) found themselves with their hands full against Bromley Common A (Stuart Inglis/David Walkley) and were taken the distance in both the opening singles and the doubles.   Majoe was 2-1 up against Inglis before being pegged back and then having to work hard to take the final game.   Smith didn’t have an easier time either.   He was 1-2 down against Walkley but turned that around in the end.   Teen & 20 were perilously close to losing the doubles 1-2 down and only just scraped the fourth 12-10.   They galloped away with the fifth to a winning lead.   Walkley managed to stop the rot with a win over Majoe but Smith’s all-round skills were too much for Inglis.

After five rounds, Teen & 20 on 21 remained three points clear at the top, but Leigh C had overtaken Darenth C and were now on 18.   Darenth C were still one point ahead of Leigh D with Halstead A on seven and Bromley Common A on two.

Round 6

Darenth C (Wolosiewicz/New) needed to restart their challenge and were after some points against Bromley Common A (Walkley/ Inglis) who were in need of more points themselves.   New won both his singles and piloted Wolosiewicz safely through the doubles though this was tight as 9-11, 11-9, 12-10, 11-9 indicates.   Wolosiewicz did well in one of his singles and ran the very awkward Inglis close, being 2-0 up before finally having to give best in five.

Teen & 20 (Majoe/Smith) were kept in check by Leigh D (Karafa/Powley).   Powley was having a good day and he beat Smith 11-3 in the fifth and had a half share in the doubles where Karafa supported him well.   There was a tremendous scrap between Powley and Majoe in the first of the reverse singles where Majoe came back strongly from 9-2 down to win in five which made it two sets all.   Karafa took a game from Smith but Smith wasn’t budging and made it a 3-2 victory.

Leigh C (McGovern/Perryman) continued on their merry way with a 5-0 over Halstead A (Tydeman/Nash) but this wasn’t as easy as it might seem for Nash had McGovern on the hook and she only just wriggled off in the second 15-13 and 14-12 in the third.   Perryman, for her part did wonderfully well to beat Tydeman, coming back from 1-2 down to take it in five and keep a clean sheet for Leigh.

The situation after the first of the return fixtures is Teen & 20 just one point ahead of Leigh C with Darenth C still in third place on 17, two ahead of Leigh D.   Halstead A remain on seven with Bromley Common A picking up a little on four.


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