Minutes of the AGM 16th September 2014




Roy Hurley (Chairman), Alex Kinchin-Smith (Codicote), Andy Reeves (Kings), Hugh Miles (De Havilland), Daniel Glynn (Townsend),  Mike Gardner (Bricket Wood), Graham Waddingham (Queenswood), Reg Cheek (Potters Bar, Tony Whetherly (Harpenden), Mike Mc Garry (St.Michaels)

Gavin Johnstone(Orchard), Alan Phipps (radlett), Martin Livesey (St Albans), Mike Harber (St Albans)

Dave Cocks (Digswell)

1.     Apologies

Richard Anderson, Dave Easy, John  Spiers, Frank Sharpe, Richard Hudson, Tony Murrell

2.     Minutes of last AGM

Roy Hurley proposed the minutes of the last meeting be accepted and Mike Gardner seconded. The minutes were accepted.

3.     Matters arising

No matters arising

4.     Chairman’s report

The Chairman presented his report. In summary:

The start of a new season includes a number of significant changes within the ETTA, including a new management team and they have moved premises to Milton Keynes.

With regards to changes to play, the SHAW league would start to play with plastic balls season 2015-2016 earliest.

Tony Murrell and Daniel Glynn were welcomed to the executive committee, as League Archivist and League Secretary and a thank you to all the league officers for giving up their time to carry out their voluntary roles. It was also pointed out that any league member with suggestions to improve the performance of the league, that they should contact one of the executive committee or attend the annual general meeting.

5.     Secretary’s report

The Secretary presented his report. The handbook was discussed with a thank you to Foad at Fingerprint.  The handbook revenue exceeded the cost of printing with the support of the advertisers, including a new advert from Abbey Badminton Club, St Albans.  Two additional pages have also been added to the handbook for player’s notes. Finally it was highlighted that Queenswood  TTC have moved premises.

6.     Treasurer’s report

The Treasurer report was presented by Roy Hurley. Income was £1,886 for the year. The league has £4,286 in bank, £220 up on the previous season.  It was proposed to not increase the subscription fee until next season.

Discussion opened up on format. 

  • It is important that all matches start promptly at 7.30pm, as certain clubs have to be finished at a set time and the juniors need to be home at a reasonable time. 
  • Ensure all team captains postpone matches in accordance with the handbook (page 12). A match will not be postponed unless the divisional secretary agrees it (and the opposing team captain). 
  • It was agreed to discuss and get feedback at the next meeting, with regards to the trophies awarded at the end of the season. There was a mixed opinion from individuals with regards to the trophy expectations, being a certificate, glasses or an engraved trophy etc...

7.     Rule Changes

No changes made

Officers and Committee Member elections

No Changes

Any other business

It was highlighted that this meeting had a relatively poor attendance, and not all clubs had a representative. The consensus was that having a representation from all clubs was important for a number of reasons, which includes collecting the handbooks.  It has been agreed to put this to the executive committee for discussion at the next meeting and the proposal of implementing a club fine, when a representative has not attended.

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