SECOND CORRECTION - 2014-15 Closed Tournament Entry Form

Apologies for the delay to all those who have been asking for the tournament details, the entry form including the schedule is now available in various formats below and under 'Closed Tournament'.

I look forward to seeing all entrants there.

Dave Easey
SHAW Tournament Secretary

Some users have reported that the documents will not open.One possible explanation is below. This may not apply in all cases, I can email/post the form direct to you if needed.

Known problem in Internet Explorer 9:

You can see the version in Internet Explorer, Help, About Internet Explorer.
The issue relates to the below check box being ticked in Internet Explorer settings.

If you are happy to do it, you can remove the tick.,

Instructions: On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer 9, click Internet Options, click the
Advanced tab, click to clear the check mark from the Do not save encrypted
pages to disk check box in the Security area, and then click OK. (This is
the default Internet Explorer setting.)
Exit Internet Explorer, then try again. If you do this, please let me know if it works

Do not save encrypted pages to disk

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