Minutes of the Executive Committee - Wednesday 23rd Nov 2016


Executive Committee Meeting – Wednesday 23rd Nov 2016 




Roy Hurley (Chairman), Richard Anderson (St Michael’s), Daniel Glynn (Townsend), Mike Harber (St Albans), Dave Easey (St.Albans), Mike Kilner (Codicote), Andrew Walker (Welwyn), Frank Sharpe (Townsend), Tony Murrell (St Michaels)


  1. 1. Apologies

John Spiers (Shire at Delcott)


  1. 2. Divisional layout 2017/2018

The chairman, Roy Hurley welcomed everyone to the meeting. The evening’s main subject of conversation was the league structure.  


The options will include the following:-

  • To reduce the divisions from 5 to 4, with up to 12 teams in each division
  • To increase the divisions to 6, with 8 teams in each division, with all teams playing each other 3 times.
  • To keep the division as the existing, 5 divisions, with up to 10 teams per division. This would require some management of a promoted team, if they wish to remain in their existing division.

All of these options would be considered, subject to the software within the table tennis 365 website, being capable of calculating the set format. 

The committee discussed, when a promoted team requests the option to not be promoted and how this would be dealt with. This would include the implementation of a fair procedure for the team concerned and how other teams within the same division, would be affected. The questions would be if a team is due to be promoted, with what circumstances can a team be considered to remain in the same division and not be promoted?

The general consensus was that if one of the main players of the intending team, no longer plays for the team or club, the teams request would be considered, as a fair request. If all players for the following season are the same as the previous season, their grounds would be considered, but their request would not be guaranteed.

The reason for the reduction of teams within the Premier League 2016/2017 was discussed and it was concluded that the reduction of teams was partially due to the availability of players, when many also play in other leagues, rather than the high standard of play, although this did contribute towards some players not wanting to play in the Premier division.




The committee agreed that all options are feasible options, but each season would possibly have a different set of circumstances. For this reason a future league structure could not be proposed at this stage. 


It was proposed that at the end of each season the League Secretary and Match Secretary would present a proposed divisional layout at the AGM. This would be presented initially by e-mail to all the League Secretaries and club captains prior to the AGM.  This would give all teams the option to present a case for either not being promoted or requesting to be put in another division, because the team and players will be changing for the following season.

This would enable the league tables for the following season to be structured well in advance. The committee also agreed that an earlier deadline would be set for the clubs to return their club and team information, for the following season. This would be bought forward to the middle of July, before the main holiday season in August, so the planning of the future season could be planned more efficiently, than that of previous seasons.

  1. 3. Advertising & Revenue 2017/2018


The subject of league revenue was then discussed, as the traditional advertising income within the handbook is not as popular or lucrative as previous years, with internet advertisements and Table Tennis 365 advertisement. It was highlighted by the League Secretary that Tees Sport have exclusivity to advertise on Table Tennis 365, and other advertisers within the handbook, being Bribar and Thornton’s would not be able to advertise on the Table Tennis 365 web site. 


The option of a league or divisional sponsorship was discussed. It was concluded that further investigation would be required, with regards layout and restrictions of advertising within the Table Tennis 365 website. The further investigation would include talking to other leagues and how they generate sponsorship, which would include the discussion of financial benefits to the sponsor and the leagues concerned.


  1. 4. Harvey Shield


Frank Sharpe went through the existing structure, including the handicap process and it was agreed that the process would remain the same. The only potential change would be if the league proposes in future seasons to have 6 divisions of 8 teams. The Harvey Shield would then become a knock out competition from the beginning, rather than the existing group stage. This would accommodate the additional games from 18 per season to 21, still allowing for some spare weeks for cancelled games.


  1. 5. Any other business


Dave Easey discussed the option of a ranking system, which would be supplied free of charge by Table Tennis 365. It was agreed that this would not be a benefit to the SHAW League. 


Tony Murrell bought up the option of the SHAW League entering the “National League”, as mentioned in previous meetings. The general consensus was not to participate at the moment.


Mike Kilner discussed the option of players from other local clubs, playing in other divisions, including social clubs and tennis clubs, not currently affiliated to the SHAW League and if the League wanted to encourage some of these players to join the SHAW League, as well as continuing to play in their existing teams for other leagues. It was agreed that this required further investigation.



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