Minutes of the AGM 13th September 2016






Roy Hurley (Chairman), Richard Anderson (St Michael’s), Daniel Glynn (Townsend),  Mike Gardner (Bricket Wood), Mike Harber (St Albans)), John Spiers (Shire at Delcott), Nigel Finn (Adeyfield), Hugh Miles (De Havilland), Richard Hudson St.Albans, Dave Easey (St.Albans), David Wilson (Ellenborough), John Sheridan (Tewin), Andy Reeves (Kings), Mike Kilner (Codicote), Andrew Walker (Welwyn), Reg Cheek(Potters Bar), Dave Cocks(Digswell), Roy Awley(St.Albans), Gavin Johnstone (Orchard), 

Sandy Nash(Ellenborough), Alan Jones (St.Albans), Graham Waddingham (Kidston), Richard Merryfield (Welwyn), Tony Whetherly (Harpenden)


  1. 1. Apologies

Frank Sharpe (Townsend), Peter Yeoman (Harpenden), Kevin Brothwood (Townsend), Tony Ward (Elliswick)


  1. 2. Minutes of last AGM

Richard Anderson proposed the minutes of the last meeting, Mike Gardner seconded.


  1. 3. Distribution of the handbooks/scorecards & balls

Before the meeting started the League Secretary and Chairman distributed all the handbooks, scorecards and balls to the teams that ordered them. This was followed by the collection of the league fees for each club. 


  1. 4. Chairman’s opening remarks

The chairman, Roy Hurley welcomed everyone to the meeting. This was followed by wishing all the players a successful year of table tennis. I hope you all have an enjoyable and competitive season. 


With regards to the introduction last season of the new plastic table tennis balls, as far as we know there have been no problems and majority of the teams have decided to continue purchasing the balls from Tees Sport, via the league. 


The discussion was had with regards the proposed new venue, the King William, for the “Special General Meeting” and the “AGM”. It was concluded that the majority were happy with the new arrangements.


There was a proposal at the AGM, 19th May 2016 to retain the League’s fees at £40 per team, with a discount that would be applied of £14, so each team would pay £26, as long as payment is received by the Treasurer at or before the League’s AGM, at the start of the season. 

The final decision at the “Special General Meeting” was that each team would pay £30 to cover the additional cost for cleaning and maintenance of the league trophies, starting at the beginning of the season 2016/2017. Due to an over-site the league are only charging each team £26 each, for the season 2016/2017. The fee of £30 per team would be introduced at the beginning of the following season 2017/2018.


The Chairman finished, by reminding the members that the SHAW league encourages competitive table tennis played to the highest possible standard, but in a friendly atmosphere that ensures all players, winners or losers, derive some pleasure from the match.


  1. 5. Secretary’s report

The Secretary presented his report, thanking all that responded with team and club information efficiently over the summer period, so that the handbook could be collated without delays. This was followed by a clarification from all club representatives, that they had collected the handbooks, balls and scorecards for the following season. 


John Sheridan was introduced as the club secretary from Tewin Table Tennis Club, and a new club to the SHAW League. It was confirmed that Shire Park would be playing at their new venue “Shire at Delcott”. John Spiers explained to all, where the club is located and the League Secretary highlighted that a torch would be required, when arriving and leaving the club.


The subject of league revenue was then discussed throughout, as the traditional advertisement income within the handbook is a dying trend, with internet advertisements and Table Tennis 365. The added complication was also highlighted that Tees Sport have exclusivity to advertise on Table Tennis 365, and other advertisers within the handbook, being Bribar and Thornton’s would not be able to advertise on the Table Tennis 365 web site, so alternative means of advertising would need to be discussed at the next committee meeting. For example advertising could be supported with potential sponsorship on sports tops.


  1. 6. Match Secretaries report


The main subject was the reduction of teams within the Premier Division, with only 7 teams playing, mainly teams from St.Michaels TTC, with the other teams being St.Albans, Townsend, Harpenden and Adeyfield. This was heavily debated as a number of members, expressed their views, stating that the standard is very high, compared to that of other leagues and for many the standard is too difficult to compete and play competitive Table Tennis.


Richard Anderson from St.Albans expressed an interest, should the division still  only be 7 teams next season, that all teams play each other 3 times. Nigel Finn of Adeyfield expressed a strong opinion, with regards how the structure for this season’s Premier Division had been managed and Mike Kilner the Match Secretary defended the unfortunate situation, when there is only a small time slot at the end of the summer, to the beginning of the start of the season to collate the season fixtures.  It was concluded that a number of potential league rules would be discussed by the committee, so that this would lessen the potential of this occurrence in the following seasons. 


For example, can a team request to not be promoted, if they win or come runners up in the first division. This would be subject to the team participants being the same for the following season.


Alan Walker from Welwyn TTC suggested that there be more flexibility for division 1 players to play up. Nigel Finn put forward the option of reducing the league layout from 5 divisions to 4 divisions, which would dilute the strength of the premier division, making it more desirable for other teams.


  1. 7. Treasurer’s report


This year showed a large deficit of £900, which included the following:-

  • • This was due to new trophies, tankard and the cleaning of existing trophies, an increase on the previous year of £369.74.
  • • SHAW Handbook £502.00, which included 2 years invoice in one financial year
  • • £100 to support David Edwards to attend the Olympic Trials in Brazil

The bank balance is still very healthy at £3,800.00 but this would need to be maintained with the implementation and increase of the team fees to £30 from the following season 2017/2018.



  1. 8. Any other business


No other business was discussed.


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