Minutes of the AGM 23rd May 2018

                                                        SHAW TABLE TENNIS LEAGUE

  AGM– 23rd May 2018 

   Welwyn Tennis Club, Ottway Walk, AL6 9AS




Roy Hurley (Chairman), Richard Anderson (St Michael’s), Daniel Glynn (Townsend), Mike Kilner (Codicote), Andrew Walker (Harpenden), Dave Cocks (Digswell), Mike Harber (St.Albans), Tony Murrell (St.Michaels), Dave Easey (St Albans), A Burnett (Elliswick), S Strowman (Elliswick), David Edwards (St.Albans), Richard Hudson (St.Albans), Dharm Tanna (Welwyn), Nigel Finn (Adeyfield), 

John Fox (Adeyfield), Mike Boardman (Adeyfield), Peter Groves (St.Albans), Roy Hames (St.Albans), Mike Gardner (Bricket Wood), John Sheridan (Tewin), David Kempson (Tewin), David Wilson (Ellenborough), Sandy Nash (Ellenborough), June Nelson (Ellenborough), Roy Roberts (Elliswick), John Kimsey (Radlett), Frank Sharpe (Townsend), Matt Simms (Harpenden), Chris Davies (Digswell), Andy Reeves (Kings), Alex Kinchin Smith (Codicote), Bob Gibson(Codicote), Akash Shah(St.Michael’s)



1. Apologies

Alan Walker (Welwyn), John Spiers (Shire at Welwyn), Vadym Krevs (St.Michael’s)


2. Minutes of last meeting


Richard Anderson proposed the minutes of the last meeting, Dave Easey seconded


3. Chairman’s report

Welcome to the Welwyn Tennis Club and the 2018 AGM. Thank you for coming. I also thank Alan Walker, for allowing the use of the premises for free. 

I hope you all had an enjoyable and competitive season. The Executive Committee has considered a number of matters, most of which will be dealt with by the appropriate Officer. I will refer to those that are not covered.

We have decided not to appoint a League Welfare Officer until we have a volunteer. Any one wish to volunteer or suggest some one? 

We have introduced a ranking system on the League’s web site. Thanks to Andrew Walker who has amended it to make it more readable. 

The League’s web site continues to be the source of up-to-date information on results, division tables, the Harvey Shield and many other aspects of the matches. Great credit is due to everyone, particularly the Divisional Secretaries, who continue to make regular updates to this information. As many of you know Roy Wilson had a stroke a few months ago, but fortunately Matt Sims took up the reins of office at short notice and he kept the results and the associated league tables to the same high standards set by Roy. The good news is that Roy is out of hospital. I spoke to him this afternoon on the telephone. He is good spirits and has started on the long road to recovery. I think it unlikely that Roy will have recovered in time to return to office for next season. However, I am happy to say that Matt Sims has agreed to continue as divisional secretary for next season.

After a long hard look at the League’s finances the Committee has reluctantly agreed to recommend that the fees be increased to £55 per annum per team, with a reduction of £15 to £40, if paid on the day or before the Special General Meeting. We will debate this at the Treasurer’s Report.


We appointed a Press Secretary because I had an assurance from the Herts Advertiser and Welwyn times that they would print information and reports about the league. This has not proved to be the case. We will try to improve the publicity next season, but I do not hold out high hopes.

This season problems were caused by a Club changing the home nights for their teams after the handbook had been published. Whilst the Club made some effort to minimise these problems they did not succeed. Should this happen again in addition to informing other Clubs at the start of the season of the changes, the League will require the Club to contact their opponents a week before the match to confirm that they are aware of the correct date of the match. 


I have a sad duty to inform the Meeting a stalwart of the league, Jim Bassett has had a heart attack and died. I remember Jim as quite a character and a redoubtable opponent. Let us have a short silence in his memory. 

I thank all the members of the Executive Committee and the Divisional Secretaries for their support, their contributions to the League and their hard work, which ensures the League continues to thrive. I am delighted that they and Matt Sims are prepared to carry on for another season. 


4. League Secretary’s Report


The league secretary thanked Dave Easey and Dave Cock’s for their help in organising the closed tournament finals night, held at STAGs in St Albans. The evening was very successful with some very enjoyable Table Tennis to watch. In particular the junior table tennis event, which was the main purpose of the evening, to give the local young table tennis players the opportunity to see some of the best junior and senior players in the area, playing table tennis to a very high standard.


It was also proposed by the league secretary that he would investigate to possibility of setting up a small junior league in conjunction with STAGs, on a Friday evening. This would potential give the opportunity to the younger players, to play competitive games with local clubs three to four times a year, throughout the winter. Approximately two matches between September and December and two matches from January to March. Ellenborough, Elliswick and Kings expressed an interest.


It was also asked as general feedback to the members, if they were happy with the table tennis balls supplied by Bribar, as a handful of players had made comments with regards the balls durability. Andrew Walker offered to look into alternative balls, preferable still being supplied by the league sponsors 21018/2019.


5. Match Secretary’s Report


Unfortunately I have been informed by Andy Reeves, that Kings won’t be entering any teams next season. Ellenborough will also be reducing their teams from one to two teams.

We will try to keep Bricket Wood in the first division and promote three teams from division 3. Hopefully there will be an additional team representing Bricket Wood, Digswell and an additional team representing Tewin in the fourth division.

Mike Kilner highlighted that when postponing a match, it is imperative that the team cancelling the match must make contact with the opposing team, with some acknowledgment either by phone or e-mail, acknowledging that they have received the message. Should clear communication between the two teams not be acknowledged, it is the responsibility of the team that is cancelling, to ensure that both parties have had clear communication.

Mike highlighted that GDPR will be come into effect 25th of May. It is up to the individual members to go to the general TT365 template, to confirm their consent for the league to use their general data. This data would be generally members contact numbers and e-mail addresses, for the use of other league members only. Any juniors playing in the league, need to tick the acknowledgment box for consent consent, should the details be allowed for the use of the other league members.

The existing captain and other league members details and club secretary in the SHAW league handbook, will require approval from all players, that it the players e-mail addresses and contact numbers can be printed in the handbook 2018/19.


6. Treasurer’s Report

The accounts are a draft at this stage as I do not have absolutely final information at present. Please note:-

  1. Deficit is around £200
  2. Without the Bribar contribution of £250 it would be £450
  3. County fees which have been static for many years are being increased to £14 per team for 2018 to 2019. The cost to the league is approximately £100.
  4. I proposed putting up the SHAW fee to £55 with a £15 reduction for prompt payment last year. I wish to propose that again. It represents £10 per year for a member of a 4 person squad if payment is prompt.
  5. If we do not put up the fee our assets will fall below our annual turnover and this may be considered unwise. 
  6. Finally I am happy to stand again but would anyone else like to take over as Treasurer. I have done it for at least 20 years and find the job fairly easy but some succession planning has to be in order. 


The increase to the league fees was proposed by David Edwards and seconded by Richard Anderson.





7. Harvey Shield Secretary’s Report


SHAW League Harvey shield report. 

Almost all the clubs entered a team or teams this season.  This complimented six groups of four.

Unusually there was only one drawn match in the groups. This match went right to the wire and there was only three points the difference at the end of the evening! 


The final sixteen brought few surprises.  The last eight comprising mostly of the old stalwarts of the shield i.e. those being past winners or runner ups.  The semi- finals brought two interesting scenarios as Adeyfield vied with St Albans F and our youngest club Elliswick took on St. Albans E (shield holders).


 Would it be an all St Albans final or could Elliswick be facing the Premier league champions who were looking to do the double?

As it happened: Elliswick - bottom of league 4 beat the off form premier champions 5 - 2


I would like to thank all those who took part, also to Richard for the help and use of St Michael’s venue for the final. 

8. Closed Tournament Secretary’s Report

The tournament was run over 5 nights at St. Michaels Table Tennis Club as usual, and on a separate finals night on the 27th of April at STAGS school sports hall. Thanks to Richard Anderson, Vadym Krevs and others of St. Michaels for hosting the first 5 nights and for Daniel for initiating and driving forwards the finals night. Thanks also to Dave Cocks for coordinating all the trophy and engraving. No small task.

The separate finals night was run in coordination with the STAGS regular Friday evening table tennis club and training evening. The aim of the separate finals night was twofold, one to make the STAGS players more aware of the SHAW league and two, to make more an occasion to the SHAW Closed Finals.

Daniel put a lot of effort into organising it including arranging posters and a programme (thanks to Andrew Walker for those). Peter who run STAGS arranged 2 tables for us complete with audience seating and that did all help make it more of an occasion.

The SHAW Closed matches that took place there were the open singles semi’s and final, the men’s doubles final, the vets final and the division 1 singles final. The junior’s final was not played there but instead an invitation juniors was arranged featuring 2 STAGS juniors and 2 juniors invited by Andrew Walker. This event was run first in the evening in the hope of inspiring other STAGS juniors before they went home. It produced some entertaining table tennis, especially in the final where invited James Hamblett beat STAGS junior Daniel Broner in a high standard and enjoyable to watch 5 sets.

In the SHAW Closed as a whole, the number of entrants this year increased a little to 49 over last year’s 46 but the total number of events played in was up more significantly from 99 in 2017 to 109. This was due to fewer withdrawals and no shows.
The biggest changes for individual events were an increase in the division 3 singles from 2 to 8 which was good to see, and a reduction in the Super Vets from 7 to 4. 

The Open singles was the most popular event with 24 entries (reduced to 20 on the day) followed by the handicap and vets singles with 18 and 17 entrants.

As for the results, in the open singles the number 1 seed Akash Shah triumphed in 3 over Richard Anderson in the final but did not have it his own way all the way through. Both Dilan and Marek took a game off him in the earlier rounds and in the semi-final, Akash only just beat Vadym 11-8 in the fifth.

The lower half of the draw had its share of interesting results too.
Mal Hussain deserves an honourable mention for taking out both Tom Black the number 6 seed and Antony Budden the number 3 seed (only just, 11-9 in the 5th). Note that the seeding’s for this and all events except the handicap were derived from the rankings on the TT365 SHAW League website.

The Vets final was close with Mike Boardman the number 2 seed beating Paul Martin dill of Ellenborough, the number 1 seed, in 5. Before the final was reached, playing hero’s again included Richard Hudson who beat Vadym the number 4 seed in the group stage and only narrowly lost 11-8 in the fifth to John McCance the number 5 seed in the semi-final. Richard Anderson was the other hero by beating Gary Keers the number 3 seed in 5 in the quarter final.

In the Super Vets, Gary Keers admitted his age and came out as a Super Vet for the first time and beat Alan Jones in 3 in the final.

The Ladies singles was a group of 3 Final only event with Sandy Nash beating June Nelson and Elaine Tuit comfortably.

Sandy’s entry meant that there were enough entrants to run the Ladies doubles this year and Sandy and June beat Angela Smith and Elaine in 3 close games.

The Mixed Doubles was a very close affair. Scratch pairing Sandy Nash and Vadym Krevs were number 1 seeds based on rankings, but last year’s winners June Nelson and Richard Anderson fought closely to beat them 11-9 in the 5th in the semi-final. June and Richard then looked like they were walking through the final by taking the first 2 games easily 11-3 and 11-4 against previous 4 times winners Angela Smith and Nigel Finn. But then coaching Jedhi Mike Boardman appeared and must have reminded Angela and Nigel to use the force or similar because they immediately turned it around to win the match in 5. Congratulations to them for their 5th win.

In the Men’s doubles Richard Anderson was able to duplicate the Mixed Doubles situation but this time in his favour. He and Vadym lost the first 2 games in the final against Gary Keers (winner for the past 2 years) and John McCance 5-11 and 6-11 but then turned it around to win the 3rd leg 15-13 and then the match in 5. And that was without Mike Boardman even being in the room.

The Division 1 singles was a clean sweep for the number 1 seed Antony Budden who only dropped one set (against 4th seed Marc Robinson) on his way to defeating number 2 seed Dilan Davda in the final. Bob Sapuan deserves an honourable mention for taking 4th seed Marc Robinson to 5 in the quarter finals, only losing 8-11 in the fifth.

The semi-finals were the hot matches in the Division 2 singles with Andy Reeves beating number 1 seed Mark Nicolaou 12-10 in the 5th and Roy Hames losing 7-11 to second seed Ian Hamilton in the 5th.  After that, Andy took the final cleanly in 3.

After taking the Division 4 singles title last year, David Kempson of Tewin continued his march up the league by reigning supreme in the Division 3 singles, taking out last year’s winner John Stock in the group stage and then beating number 2 seed David Edwards in the final in 3.

In the Division 4 group final Stevie Strowman from Elliswick A was ganged up on in the group by the St Albans E team who were relegated last year and making the most of their time in division 4 with both Mike Harber and Adam Cohen Rose entering. Adam won it but not without Stevie doing very well to take him to 5.

The overall Minor division’s singles final was between the Division 2 winner Andy Reeves and the Division 3 winner David Kempson. Andy took it but not easily as David played a great game to take him to 5.

In the SHAW Closed Juniors group of 3 final it was good to have 2 new entrants Colm Bushell and Kristian Nicolaou. Colm was the strongest beating the others 3 straight. Nathan Reeves, the third entrant, has a much lower ranking but did very well to win 1 of his group games and get the runners up spot for the second year running.

Finally, as ever in the Open Handicap singles, which is run as best of 3 to 21, there were many close games. Mike Harber peaked for the event as usual. So much so that, not only did he beat me in 2 but even better he avenged his last years semi-final defeat by Mal Hussain by drawing with him 21-21 in the third game and then winning overall on +3 points difference. In the handicap every point counts. However, Mike was again not to take the ultimate crown thanks to a fresh handicapper appearing over the horizon in the form of rock steady Nick Denney. Nick put out Richard Hudson in a close 3 in the other semi and then took the final against Mike in 2 though only just at 21-20 in the second.



9. Trophies Secretary’s Report


Dave Cox setup a trophy table, which looked very impressive. The trophies being presented were from a new supplier, which included within the price to supply the trophies, was the polishing of the league silverware. Dave highlighted that a number of trophies returned this year had been returned in what can only be described as un-acceptable condition. It was made very clear by Roy Hurley the chairman, that this would not be tolerated next season.


10. Election of officers & Other Committee Members


All committee members will be remaining in their existing roles, for next season. It was put to the members, if anyone was interested in taking over as the treasurer, from John Spiers. Unfortunately no members put themselves forward.




11. Any other business

Mike Boardman proposed that next years closed tournament included an “Open Doubles” competition. There were many opinions, concluding that the executive committee will discuss the option in more detail at the next meeting.








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