Why choose Butterfly?

For more than 50 years Butterfly has been at the forefront of table tennis equipment development and innovation, which is just one of the reasons why it is widely thought of as the world’s leading brand.

Butterfly tables are a great example of where they are ahead of the competition. One key selling point about Butterfly tables is their simplicity of assembly and unlike many competitor tables, a Butterfly table can be assembled by almost anyone, with relative ease. Features like larger wheels on outdoor models, wheel locks, safety catches for rollways and other aspects of the under-carriage have evolved over decades to make them extremely safe, robust and extremely easy to operate. Finally, the playing surfaces are second to none, which is why they are used in many major Championships throughout the world, including the World, European and Commonwealth Championships.

Butterfly also invests back into our sport, through a variety of sponsorships and support packages. In the UK they have consistently been the number one brand, supporting the English, Scottish and Welsh National teams for many years. At International level many of the world’s best players use Butterfly equipment, in fact at the world championships, over half the competitors used Butterfly equipment.

Butterfly’s range of equipment is extremely comprehensive. They have products designed for every level of play, whether you are just having a game in your garage, playing in the Olympics and everything in between; Butterfly has a product specifically designed to meet your needs, which again is another reason why they are considered by many to be the world’s leading table tennis brand.

The bottom line is that countless World and Olympic champions have used Butterfly products for decades, so it should be no surprise they are considered the best table tennis brand in the world.