Handicap Cup Final at Unison on 16 April 2018

 Bagley B v Cricket Club C

A close match between the experienced Cricket Club C team and the relative novices of Bagley B. It was to be expected that Cricket Club would make huge individual gains and this proved to be the case with Brian Bevan +102, Keith Pritchard +96 and Vic Wedge +92, with a further 26 from the doubles. Bagley tried their hardest with the best being Josh Anders -88. Cricket Club pulled a total of 316 points so it was all down the handicappers and the all important sealed envelope. This revealed a handicap of 289 1/2 points resulting in a close win for Cricket Club by 26 1/2 points. 

Well done to both teams and the handicappers. Thanks also to Barry Taylor who I understand was i/c on the night.


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