Shropshire Championship

After several seasons of in-activity and no Shropshire T.T.A subscription fees being charged, the Shropshire Committee have now arranged the 2018 - 19 Shropshire Closed Championships.

 This will include;-




DOUBLESShropshire 2018-19 Champion Entry (1).doc

 The Championships will take place place on Sunday 10/03/19 at the Lilleshall Sports Centre.  In order to generate interest for this event the 2018 - 19 Championships will be FREE to enter. It is hoped that the event will now be held annually.


The preliminary round of the 'Men's' and 'Ladies' singles will be played in groups. Those players eliminated from the group stage and have a Table Tennis England ranking of below 1800 points will qualify to enter the 'RESTRICTED SINGLES' competition which is likely to be played on a straight knockout basis.


Players can check their ranking level on the web page.  Players should simply click on the 'RANKING' tab.


An entry form template is attached.


I am forwarding entry forms to selected players but if you could circulate this email to all the player emails that you have logged for the Shrewsbury League it would be much appreciated.


Closing date for entries is Thursday 28th February 2019.




Nigel Holding

S.T.T.A Secretary.

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