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 There has been a continuing debate and from what I can see a power struggle between Chris Dangerfield of TT365 and Table Tennis England. The TT365 website will close down for us unless we subscribe at a cost to keep it running separately to TTE involvement, this will happen in July of this year. We have been waiting to see what transpires from the debate, which has become more and more bitter, and have been hoping for an amicable settlement to settle the dispute, which now seems no nearer. TT365 are proposing that the £7 cost be reduced from the TTE subscription basically to make up for the cost that we will have to pay for that service and there has been considerable support from other leagues.

I for one, and also several members of the committee, have sympathy with TT365 who have developed an excellent website which obviously needs funding to continue, which TTE want to replace with an alternative. Rob Mansfield our League Match secretary uses the site to log all games and it would radically alter his job if this ceased to be. He is one of those who strongly supports the fact that we should support TT365 and pay accordingly.

As far as I can see, and there has been a considerable amount of sniping backwards and forwards between the two sides, this could affect an additional £7 to our TTE fee per player, unless the TTE fee be reduced , as proposed above.

We therefore need to make a quick decision to support TT365 or not and rely on an alternative website produced by another firm supported by TTE, which I have not seen. Obviously we will discuss at our AGM in August but need to get responses from all before then. I personally suggest that we support TT365, who apparently now have sufficient support from other leagues to guarantee its continuation. Please respond ASAP , this month, to me with your decision. This needs me, as league representative, to vote accordingly to the proposed fee reduction to TTE. Really this should need an EGM but with holidays this would create difficulties this month. A decision can be ratified at our AGM in August.


regards Barry Lowe





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