TT365 continuation 2020 2021

We discussed and agreed at our Agm last summer to continue with this web platform at TT365  and continued this year . The members of the committee,  who do the bulk  of the work for the league, are in favour of continuing next year. They know the system well and this makes their job more straightforward as a result.

We did say that we would review after this season. We would therefore like to receive any comments , particularly any comments concerning the success or otherwise of the rival TTE system. Whilst there were obvious problems for some enrolling this year with TT365, as  this was a new system as far as TT365 were concerned . Previously everyone just enrolled with TTE. I totally expect that these problems should not be repeated in coming seasons.

Another thing that was raised was the £7 cost that all players  incurred with staying with TT365. I personally believe that this is a small cost to pay if it makes the lives of people on the committee easier, particularly our LMS Rob Mansfield, who covers the input and control of all games and the divisions forming the league. To change to a new website would undoubtedly involve a good deal more work initially,  particularly for Rob, and  we would be happy therefore to stay with a system that works. Of course if some players were keen on standing for the roles on the committee and undertake these duties then we would be pleased to suggest them for consideration at our next AGM. Obviously this subject will be raised again at our AGM

Comments please to league chairman

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