Committee meeting re possible start of new season


During a committee meeting last night we decided to put a note to all asking for responses from all players in the league concerning a possible decision to recommence league games into the coming season.

Whilst it is absolutely clear that we will abide by government rules there is a possibility of recommencing in September, or sometime beyond. Table Tennis England have considered guidelines also for our players. If the Government confirms that we could play, although changes regularly occur due to the ongoing situation regarding the number of Covid 19 outbreaks, it remains with us to decide whether we wish to run with the league games. Of course nothing has really changed regarding the outbreak and will not realistically do so until a reliable vaccination is produced, this may not be until next year or beyond however. There are a number of people who, due to their vulnerability on health issues for them and their families, would decide not to play even with certain precautions applied.

Although matters change fairly regularly my personal view is this will not happen in time for the season to start at its normal time. The committee therefore wish to hear from all players, taking into account their personal situations, whether they would wish to play league games in the coming period.  The final decision is a very complex one for the league to make and obviously would involve consideration into the format of matches , eg whether we avoid doubles games, suitable cleaning of all surfaces, distancing etc. Therefore at this stage we wish to know what players wish. It is very likely that many people would prefer not to risk it at this stage. This is therefore not a vote for all to make whether the league games start this autumn, but really to gauge what our members want. If for instance only half of the people wish to play then this might involve restructuring the games and divisions. Obviously we also need to know if venues are available to play the games.

We also decided to effectively finish the season for the league games for the 2019/2020 season. All positions in each division, relating to promoted and relegated placings are effectively completed. The exception is the premier division regarding 1st and 2nd places. Due to the fact that the difference in points is tight between the two places and also the remaining games involving those teams can not be played at present, the committee decided to declare that the two team’s places are tied as joint winners. This clearly involved some discussion but the suggestion was made by our league match secretary and voted unanimously by the committee.

A question remained regarding the unfinished cup competition, where we decided to ask the four teams involved whether they wished, or are able to play, the two semi final and final matches. Please contact us those who are involved.


Please respond either to



Regards Barry Lowe

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