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Hi all

Thank you for those who responded to our request for your views regarding the start date for the new season. We had a committee meeting yesterday on Zoom to discuss the situation and after some discussion all thought in view of the ongoing Covid 19 situation that we delay the start of the new season for the League until the new year (at least).

Obviously we are all keen to get back but think that it far too risky for our players and their close relatives until some vaccination is been proven successful. 

The results from the responses show a majority wanting the season to start in October , although several more against responses have been received since and there are plenty of people who have not responded still. There were plenty of people who said that they would not play in October at all and preferred that we watch the situation and review in a while for a possible January start. A few said that they would not wish to play at all this coming season. It would clearly be extremely difficult to organise a depleted league to set the ball rolling again.


We did ask that the semifinalists of the cup to let us have their views regarding their wishes to play the 3 games necessary to complete that competition. From the responses these were not complete and again therefore we decided to delay that also until the new year. Obviously the handicap committee will have to decide handicaps and also whether doubles should be included or not.

Clearly those who wanted the league to start as usual will be very disappointed and we thought that as an interim that they may wish to form a group to play a series of games amongst themselves. Terry Ridgway and Nigel Holding were suggested to oversee that possibility at the moment. Obviously this would be at the individual players own risk and the committee advises that all safety concerns should be strictly met, from the guidelines provided by the  Government and also Table Tennis England. Once a list of players is more complete we will see if we can issue a list of players/teams from those who wish to do so from the replies received . Obviously this would therefore be out of the leagues jurisdiction.

We clearly hope that this situation reverts back to normal very soon and clearly wish that all our members stay safe and well through these difficult times.

Regards Barry Lowe

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