Committee members wanted for the County Association

Somerset County Table Tennis Association is looking for committee members.

A solid core of dedicated volunteers looked after the county table tennis for several decades but over the last couple of years many of these members have had to step down. This has left a large number of vacancies on the county committee. If you have an interest in Table Tennis and are willing to get involved please email:

It is not a big commitment. The committee meets no more than a couple of times each year and many decisions are made by email. It would give you a chance to be involved in helping shape the future of the sport in our county.

One of the most pressing vacancies is for a county association treasurer. If anyone has relevant financial knowhow and would be willing to put their name forward please get in touch ASAP.

Other vacant roles include: Membership Officer, Publicity Officer, Tournament Organiser, Coaching Officer, Deputy National Councillor, Development Officer, Youth Officer,

If you are interested in any of these roles or would be interested in just being involved with the committee in a less formal capacity please get in touch:


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