Proposed by Brian Pengelly

 To stage four events on Sunday mornings at Torbay Leisure Centre. Two to be held in the first half of the season (before Christmas) and two to be held in the second half of the season. Entry to be open to all members of South Devon and Torbay Table Tennis League and Initial entries would be expected to be at least sixteen teams. They would be placed in divisions of four teams, based on strength of the teams. The teams to consist of two players although extra players could also be registered.

On every Sunday morning session teams would play against every other team in their division giving them three matches. The playing format to be number ones v. number twos, then both number twos to play each other and then likewise with the number ones. This would give each player two games per match. All games to consist of three legs (not best of three) because each leg is worth one point. Therefore in a match a total of twelve legs would be played giving teams the opportunity to win by twelve points to nil! Matches would last around one hour making it possible to start the first round of matches at 10am, second matches around 11am and the final round of matches around 12pm making it possible to complete each session before 1.30pm. Because every game would consist of three legs all the matches should finish around the same time enabling the next round of matches to start as scheduled.
The two teams finishing third and fourth in the first division to be relegated. Top two teams in the second division to be promoted and bottom team to be relegated. The top team in the third division to be promoted, the bottom two teams to be relegated and the top two teams in the fourth to be promoted. Obviously should there be more than four divisions, apart from where it affects the top and bottom divisions, one team up and one team down would apply. This system would ensure a good mix of teams every session.
There would be an individual ranking system in place just the same as there used to be for the Super Singles. Every win for a player would be worth one point but that would be multiplied by the division the player was competing in. For example, in the case of four divisions, first division players would multiply by four, second division by three and the third by two. It would then be possible to chart the progress of individual players over the four sessions and award a trophy to the most successful player, who might well not be a first division player!
Contact has already been made with Emma at Torbay Leisure Centre and she is open to keeping the charge as low as possible because Sundays are usually quiet. There is also the balance of the grant the league received for purchase of tables and equipment etc now at Torbay Leisure Centre.

Therefore perhaps the charge per player could be initially kept down to ten pounds for the four sessions. This would bring in at least a total three hundred and ten pounds from sixteen teams.
Alan Maynard has agreed to record results and league tables just as he did previously for the Super Singles League. The organisers on site for the four sessions would be Geoff Read and myself. The dates for the four session would be decided by availability at Torbay Leisure Centre and, to ensure no clash of dates with tournaments, the Table Tennis England Events Calendar.
If this new concept proves, as expected, to be popular it would be easy to increase the number of participating teams, either by increasing the number of tables in the hall to twelve by taking more space or extending into the afternoon and doing a second session for the extra divisions. Either way, extra teams could be accommodated.
The Two Person Team Super League would offer variety to the local table tennis scene by giving four extra dates of weekend competition. It would also give the league the opportunity to make better use of the tables and equipment previously obtained by a sports grant. It would also give another opportunity to show-case table tennis to the general public by staging these events at Torbay Leisure Centre.

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