In accordance with the agm calling notice I hereby propose the following rule change for consideration at the agm. This is submitted within the 7 day timescale. As the Brixham TTC is holding its agm outside the permissible timescale for submission of rule changes  they will not be able to formally discuss and support it. I can only say that the club favours the underlying principle but might wish to strengthen what I have provided. Therefore the proposal is sponsored by myself. I am aware that the management committee voted against such a change but I believe that the underlying tenet should be tested at the agm.

New rule 33.

When it becomes obvious during the match that it will not be possible to complete all sets by the official closing time, teams may opt for any remaining games to be played so that they shall be won by the first player or doubles pair to win two sets. If games still cannot be started the unplayed games/sets will be declared null and void with no points accruing to either side. Any disputes must be referred to the League Secretary with full details for resolution.  

Subsequent rules to be re-numbered.


This problem is becoming more common where clubs have a set closing time and matches are taking longer to finish despite curtailment of knocking up in between sets. There have been a number of cases this season (three home games for the Sharks) where doubles have had to be conceded to the away side due to time constraints. It seems wholly unfair for these sets to be conceded in this manner particularly when the away side have done nothing to deserve the points and in some instances are responsible for non completion /concession due to late arrival. Late arrival and start could be penalised but would be problematic to implement .Better in my view to declare any unplayed sets null and void giving no one team an advantage.





Replace 2nd sentence which says;

'Players that do not pay their Table Tennis England membership by 31st December will not be permitted to play in the 2nd half of the season'


'No players will be permitted to play matches if they are not Table Tennis England members.  Anyone playing in a match while not a member of Table Tennis England will forfeit the match and a £10 fine will be imposed, except in exceptional circumstances and with the prior agreement of the General Secretary'.

Reasoning - 

1.  It is a Table Tennis England ruling

2.  Results cannot be entered on the website if not TTE members

3.  We cannot have a repeat of last season where a player played 8 times, after the 31st Dec deadline, without paying, then paid, and was allowed to continue playing! 

4. The clubs need to be proactive in ensuring their players are members, a club fine and awarding of the points should act as a deterrent.

5.  Every member gets a reminder from Table Tennis England about renewing their membership, do it then, it's simple! or do it by direct debit, which is now an option and even easier.

Proposed by Tony Halse, Match Results Secretary 

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