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South Wonston Juniors, Morgan Smith, Ben Cawston and Adam Lee took part in the 3rd National Junior League (Southern area) tournament on 26th January.

David Binns  Club Chairman says: "I have to report very good news!
The rules of the National Junior League meant that we could not change our playing order due to our teams ranking changes. So Morgan Smith played 1st, Adam Lee 2nd, and Ben Cawston 3rd. As you may know, Ben Cawston is now ranked above both Morgan and Adam in the ETTA Junior Rankings.
First up we played last time's runners up Lancing, the team from West Sussex near Brighton. The team played superbly and we won 5-1. Our second match was against Bournemouth B team; here again we played well, once again winning the match 5-1. Next up, the big one: we played Southampton West, last time's league winners. Here we saw a superb performance by Ben beating Nathan Hack, and Adam beating Alan Dawson in a 5 game thriller, giving us a 4-2 match victory. This is the first time we have ever won against any Southampton West team, and you could see my clear delight! Our next match was against the local team of Fareham. The highlight in this match was the incredible victory over highly ranked cadet Jonney McMullen by Morgan.
In our final game we played the very strong Bournemouth A team with top seed Zac Dowling, and Matthew Daish, ETTA ranked No 9 at Cadet level. Here Morgan had an amazing victory over top seed Zac Dowling, and Ben had a fantastic win against Matthew Daish to give us a 3-3 draw.
Final performance results are: Morgan Played 10, Won 8; Adam Played 10, Won 3; Ben Played 10, Won 10.

You can see the tables and averages here .

It was wonderful to hear comments like "Winchester have created a very strong team", and special comments for Morgan, Adam and Ben. So we are looking at the best Juniors in the southern area! Keep right on, team Winchester!
I am now a very happy man."  

Author: via South Wonston TTC
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