Latest National Junior League report October 2016

Waterside Junior league report 15 October 2016

It was good day with some ups and some downs as you would expect.

First up was Bournemouth B and all three boys played well. Harry G had a tough first match against Ben Kinch losing 0-3 but recovered later to beat Logan Hale 3-0 in his second. Jared won both his matches beating Grant Dimond and Ben Kinch 3-0 a piece. Blake S. lost to Grant Dimond 0-3 but managed a win against Logan Hale 3-0.  Overall score was Winchester 4; Bournemouth B, 2.

Next up was the toughest round of the day: Bournemouth A.

Jared fought hard but lost out to Ali Malloch, 0-3 and Matthew Stanfield 1-3. Harry G. lost out to Ali Malloch 0-3 but recovered well to beat Jack Trafford 3-2 in an exciting match. Blake S. was outplayed by Matthew Stanfield, losing 0-3 but put up a good fight in another exciting match against Jack Trafford losing 0-3. It was a tough round with emotions running high in places reflecting the closeness of some of the games. Final score Bournemouth A, 5 – Winchester, 1.

Weymouth A were a player down so Winchester had 2 walkover matches played by Ben Poulter from Southampton. It was tough going again: Harry G. lost to Jamie Blair in a very close match losing 1-3, as did Jared S. losing to Jamie 0-3 also. Jared fought hard and overcame Ethan Gear 3-2; Blake however didn’t quite get there against Ethan losing 0-3. Taking the walkovers in consideration, the score was 3-3.

We came out and beat Weymouth B quite convincingly. Harry G beating Hector Knight 3-1 and he also won against Edith Dedman 3-0. Jared beat both Ryan Dedman and Hector Knight 3-0. Blake S. narrowly lost out to Ryan Dedman with avery long first game but he won against Edith Redman 3-0. Final score: Winchester 5, Bournemouth B, 1.

Lots of emotion again for final round against Southampton. Arguably best match of the day was Jared S against Will Poulter. Both players were fighting tooth and nail and there were some blinding defensive play by both. It was a close match with Jared narrowly losing out to Will, 1-3. Harry G. also lost ou to Will 0-3 but was convincing in his win over Joe Watkins 3-0. Blake lost out to Ben Poulter, who had some very lucky shots in, the score was 0-3 but it a close call in all 3 games. Blake beat Joe Watkins with some flair 3-0.

All in all, we came second to Bournemouth A with 16 sets won and 14 sets lost. Well done lads, great effort.

Steve Sanderson

Winchester Junior League Team Captain.




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