National Junior League

Winchester again had 2 teams playing, Winchester A & Winchester B both in division2.

Winchester A

Report to follow.

Winchester B

Winchester B took their squad of 4 players and played them in rotation.

The first match was against Generation 2 and as they were without Joshua Cooksley, arguably their strongest player, we won 6-0, Ethan winning both his matches 3-0.

The second match was against Kidlington D and again we won 6-0.

The third match was against Southampton B with their usual squad of Hugh, Russell & Joe. We had beaten them 4-2 in the first round but lost 5-1 in the second. Today the score was 3-3 with each player winning 1 match.

The fourth match was against Winchester A who were fielding Ollie, Harry and Dominic on this occasion. Again the score was 3-3 with each player winning 1 match.

The fifth and final match was against Solent who only had 2 players and we won 4-0.

The  boys only dropped 6 points across the tournament, with both Blake and Ed only losing one match apiece, and ended up as overall winners. There are no promotions or demotions this time around. Instead the points from this round will be added to the final round to determine the overall winner. Our team will take a 6 point advantage into that round.

The boys should be commended for their performance, determination & enthusiasm.

The final round is on  Saturday 24th February.

National Junior League

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