Dave Accleton, Wakering TTC

Dave has recently had to pack up playing TT for Wakering due to a neck injury (he is 81 years old).

Dave started playing in the Southend league in l966 with the very strong  Hadleigh Forum Club, playing at the former Lindisfarne Centre which was closed down. During its time, the Venue was a major part of our League with our Annual Presentation night held there and the Hadleigh Forum TT Club run by Dave and Ruth Green playing there.

Dave then joined Whittingham TTC in 1984 and spent some 18 years with them as Secretary and Captain of several teams. Dave had to stop playing in 2002 for a season, to have a knee replacement. On recovery he found he could not get back into the team, so Dave applied to play for Wakering (Jenny Butler being the captain), where Dave has spent many happy years.  

Past players he played with were Mick Rowe, Neville Franklyn, David Barnes and Dick Mann, plus the Wakering players.

Dave started off in Division eight and finished in Division two with Wakering, and has enjoyed every minute of it, and he is very sad to have to give it up.

Those of us who have played against Dave over the years, will all agree that Dave was the perfect opponent: always a good sport, never complaining and always trying to win.

Dave, we wish you well in your retirement from our Sport.

Ken Field

Dave takes centre stage with team mates Nigel Cook (left) and Paul England (Right)





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