AGM Report 2017

The Spalding and District League held its AGM and trophy presentations 13 Sept 2017.

Numbers were in line with previous years, but disappointing none the less considering the importance of some of the business.

The Chair thanked the Committee for its work last season and offered a welcome to new members.

He also asked for more support for the Match Secretary when having to postpone matches, a major issue last time.

The Treasurer said that because there had been no sponsorship some reductions had had to be made in spending, and added that the League was open to new sponsors, including for particular competitions.

The summer income was down which also had a knock-on effect so he proposed an increase in visitor subscriptions.

Member subscriptions was deferred to Any Other Business.

The Match Secretary congratulated the various winners and referred to some of the problems which had been outlined in this column during last season.

It was noted that there are presently 10 teams entered for Division 1 and 5 or Division 2.

The Committee, with no one standing down, were all re-elected.

Any Other Business meant the meeting was the lengthiest for some years and not all matters were resolved so are effectively sub judice.

In light of those discussions it was agreed that senior subscriptions should rise to £90 for the 30 week season, the first increase in nearly ten years, while visitor’s would go up to £4. 

However Junior subscriptions were to be held at the same level.

Formal entries for the 2017 – 18 should be in by September 27th and it is hoped that there may be others wishing to join to boost the lower division.

It was suggested some publicity go to the secondary schools to encourage new junior entries.

The matter of player courtesy was highlighted and discussed.

The business being over trophy presentations were made to the winners


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