2017-18 Week 16 Report

A Marylands Cup week for the Spalding and District League meant just 4 matches were scheduled.

Unfortunately only two of those were played, plus three others.

One reason was that Bladerunners and MatDuf needed to complete their Round 1 tie first.

However, before they started on that, they finished off a Division 1 match with Mine’s a Pint.

The Pinters held a lead thanks to Jeremy Hitcham, but that was the total of their points in this match.

Having said that the first game went to the fifth end with Dave Gibson coming from behind to defeat Andrew Hay.

The other three games two went to a fourth end, but the match ended as a 4 – 1 win for Blades, moving them up a place in the table.

Blades venture in the Marylands ended when the MatDuf juniors again took advantage of their handicaps to take the deciding doubles to go through and face Aches & Pains.

Hurricane Brothers and Nets n Edges did play their Round 2 match.

Neither had played in Round 1, Hurricanes receiving a walkover and the Edgers getting a bye.

George Wallis, who was in fine form for Brothers, got them off to a good start in two, but Reece Kerry levelled the scores.

The Brothers took the doubles limiting their Division 1 opponents to just four points in each game before Allan Lewis tied the scores again.

However George proved so steady in the final game that he won the point and match comfortably.

Castle Sports faced 200up with just one player, but Tony Dorey managed a win on the deciding point of the third end.

That equalled Richard Matthews earlier win leaving the tie open.

The other match (partially) played was one game from the postponed Division 2 game against leaders Pottermus Clarets.

Clarets’ Tom Chesworth won that, but has a problem as his team mate is now injured while Castle have a similar issue.

The committee are hopeful of bringing in another junior to fill the gap.

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