Matches to complete


Orig DateHome Team Away TeamNew Date
09/10/18JDM* The Underdogs 
09/10/18Hit and Hope*Hurricane Brothers 
16/10/18The Underdogs
Moulton SE13/11/18
16/10/18South Holland JDM 
23/10/18Moulton SE Outsiders 
23/10/18Underdogs Team TJ 
30/10/18JDM Outsiders13/11/18
30/10/18Hurricane Brothers TNC13/11/18
30/10/18Mines a Pint Moulton SE 


* = currently no alternative dates for remaining matches offered/agreed, so remaining matches to be forfeited if original match date has passed.

Unfinished matches from 9th October under committee review.






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