League / Cup Matches to Finish

This does NOT include matches brought forward that are part finished.


Week 3

The Underdogs vs Mines A Pint


Week 4

JDM vs Nets and Edges

The Underdogs vs Moulton SE

200Up vs Hurricane Brothers


Week 5

Jokers v The Underdogs (Moulton Shield Round 2)


Week 6

Mines a Pint v JDM

Hurricane Brothers vs Matduf

Pottermus Clarets vs Castle Sports


Week 7

Moulton SE vs Outsiders


Week 9

Pottermus Clarets vs Hurricane Brothers


Week 10

Matduf vs Castle Sports


Week 11 Marylands Round 1

JDM vs Hurricane Brothers

Pottermus Clarets vs Jokers

The Underdogs vs Outsiders

Bladerunners vs Matduf

Mines a Pint vs Castle Sports


Week 14

Bladerunner vs The Underdogs

JDM vs Aches and Pains

Jokers vs Moulton SE

Pottermus Clarets vs MatDuf

Hurricane Brothers vs 200Up


Week 15

Outsider vs Mines a Pint

South Holland vs Jokers

Moulton SE vs JDM

Castle Sports vs Pottermus Clarets




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