Peripatetic pongistes predominant performance

Henley West Warwickshire 8 Ashorne 2 , report by Andy Rowland.

The ex West Warwickshire brigade, now the peripatetic pongistes of the Stratford league,opened the new Winter campaign at their newly acquired Henley home, against their former FISSC colleagues.

Captain Alison Stewart having found most of her team away in sundry far flung parts of the British Isles( such as Wales and Cornwall) were fortunate to bring in Henley 'B' skipper Rob McCluskey,who straight away proved a God send, helping both to open up and illustrate with helpful hints how to put up a temperamental table.

Andy Rowland opened up proceedings against relative new comer Mark Jones and was made to work hard before prevailing in four, which Alison Stewart matched against George Mudie.

The match of the night followed between John Hunt and Rob McCluskey with Hunt edging home 11-9 in the 5th in an attacking and open encounter. Henley WW eventually triumphed 8-2 in their new home with Stewart and Rowland both undefeated on the night, although Rowland appeared to have lost his forehand in the summer, and would be grateful for its safe return should anyone find it.

Ashorne's other triumph saw George Mudie overcome McCluskey comfortably in 3, before the Henley man triumphed over Mark Jones who undeservedly went home empty handed.

A good humoured evening ended with further training for Rowland and Stewart in how to dismantle the stroppy table and then lock the baffling entrance door. Rowland is likely to require further instruction.

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