Match Report

 The two rooms of Colebridge are palimpsests. 

To each room , every day , different table tennis stories.

Stories ; frustrating and rewarding , enticing and bewildering , cruel and joyful , bewildering and sometimes barely fathomable.

The latest instalment entailed a Colebridge Pasties whitewash of Tanworth Taipans , weakened by the late withdrawal of their third player , and the unavailability , through sickness , of another , get well soon Micky Welsh.

It also entailed the return to something approaching good form for Dean Hicks , who enjoyed the closest match of the evening , beating the talented Darius Mrowinski 13-11 in the fifth end.

The enthusiastic Tim Lawrence will have more successful evenings , but played with his usual brio and good humour.

Mike Evetts and Tom Shortley completed the Pasties trio. Evetts did the washing up as Shortley and Hicks wrapped up the evening with a straight sets doubles win.

An early finish left plenty of time to attempt to answer the obscure and largely incomprehensible pub quiz questions in The Colebrook.  


Written by:Mike Evetts
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